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MDLinx is an internet-based service for and healthcare professionals provided by M3 USA Corporation. It offers physicians and other healthcare professionals a means of staying current with academic literature. The typical medical specialist needs to read 30 to 80 journal articles every day to keep up with the flow of information in his/her specialty. MDLinx scans, sorts, summarizes, and disseminates new literature in a digestible form.

Healthcare professionals subscribe to the free service and opt to receive daily or weekly newsletters with summaries of and links to new journal articles in their areas of specialty. MDLinx users also receive information about and Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs, and invitations to take part in paid surveys. MDLinx currently runs sites in 34 specialties and 747 subspecialties. Clients, which include pharmaceutical companies and Continuing Medical Education (CME) institutions, use informational and promotional space on MDLinx’s site and email to communicate information about their products, services and programs. MDLinx’s Market Research arm provides direct access to physician panels in the US, and , and access via partnerships to physician panels in other countries. According to Forrester Research, MDLinx is one of the most trafficked physician portals in the .


MDLinx was founded in 1999 by Evan Garfein, a surgical resident at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and Robert Ashton, a cardiothoracic surgical fellow at Columbia-Presbyterian. The surgeons saw a need for specialists to have convenient access to a highly specialized stream of information that would allow them to stay on top of their fields. Alan Meckler, founder of high tech news publisher Mecklermedia and chief executive officer of venture capital firm provided the upfront investment and /ref>


In 2006, MDLinx was fully acquired by So-net M3 USA (currently M3 USA), a wholly owned subsidiary of So-net M3 (currently M3 Inc. ()), a leading provider of online marketing to the healthcare industry in Japan and an affiliate of Sony Communication Network Corporation (currently ). Currently, /ref>

Recent developments

In February 2009, MDLinx announced its acceptance into /ref> MDLinx currently has a patent pending for the way feasibility is calculated and market research is conducted on the internet.

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