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Lennart Hardell

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Lennart Hardell (born 1944), is a Swedish oncologist and professor at Örebro University Hospital in Örebro, Sweden. Lennart Hardell Bio He is known for his research into what he says are environmental cancer-causing agents, such as , and has said that increase the risk of brain tumors.

Mobile phone use and cancer
Hardell's research on cell phones and cancer has concluded that long-term mobile phone use is associated with an increased risk of and . He has said that children should be banned from using cell phones except in emergencies, as he feels the risk of cancer is greater in people who begin using mobile phones before the age of 20.

His early research on wireless phones and cancer was criticized in a 2002 review for methodological flaws. The review authors, John D. Boice Jr. and Joseph K. McLaughlin, wrote that Hardell's study, published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, was "non-informative, either because the follow-up was too short and numbers of cancers too small, or because of serious methodological limitations." Another of Hardell's studies, in which he claimed that mobile phone users in rural areas were at a greater risk of developing brain tumors, was criticized by Adam Burgess in Spiked. Burgess wrote that the study was "post hoc and therefore hypothesis-generating only," and said that the increased risk Hardell had claimed to have found in the study was "barely statistically significant."

However, later studies by the Hardell group have consistently shown increasingly significant risks for brain tumor development associated with wireless phone use . These finding, together with results from the international INTERPHONE study on mobile phones and health, have contributed to the WHO and IARC questioning mobile phone radiation as potentially carcinogenic. Little et al. reported in 2012 that the increased risk of associated with mobile phone use found by a 2011 study by Hardell et al. were not consistent with observed trends in glioma incidence in the United States. Although with regard to the paper of Little et al. it should be noted that data on mobile phone use and cancer incidence rates in the US is more difficult to compare with the aforementioned European studies on mobile phone use and cancer risks than it seems, especially due to differences in technology standards between the US and Europe in early years of mobile phone network technology development – including notable differences in power output between the CDMA standard (which had been widely implemented in the US) and the GSM standard.

Court cases
Hardell testified in a 2002 US court case involving a man who filed a lawsuit claiming that his cell phone caused him to develop a brain tumor. The judge in the case, Catherine C. Blake, dismissed the suit and criticized Hardell's testimony, saying that of the two studies Hardell cited, one found no increased risk of tumors associated with cell phone use. Blake added that the other study was criticized as flawed by experts, and said that numerous studies and governmental bodies had come to conclusions that ran contrary to Hardell's opinion. In 2012, based on Hardell's research, Italy's supreme court ruled that a business executive's brain tumor was caused by his cell phone use.

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