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Lf or LF may refer to:

Arts and entertainment
  • LF (album), by Raymond Lam
  • , a role-playing video game trilogy
  • Libby Folfax, a
  • Lifeforce (film), a 1985 film directed by Tobe Hooper
  • Salamander (video game), an arcade game retitled Life Force

Companies and organisations
  • LeapFrog Enterprises, an educational toy company
  • , a Lebanese political party
  • Li & Fung, a company of Hong Kong
  • , a non-profit organization for the promotion of Linux
  • , UK-based provider of home video and video game rental through DVD-by-mail and streaming video on demand
  • People's Life First, a Japanese political party
  • (IATA airline designator LF), a defunct Swedish airline
  • Nippon Broadcasting System, also known as JOLF, a radio station in Tokyo, Japan

  • Lakeland, Florida
  • Livermore Falls, Maine
  • , a stadium in Green Bay, Wisconsin and the home of the Green Bay Packers

Science and technology

Biology and medicine
  • , a protein
  • Lateral flow test, an immunologic test
  • Lymphatic filariasis, a disease common in tropical regions

Logic and information theory
  • , a tool for the description of semantic relationships
  • , the abstract form of a set of sentences in logic
  • Logical form (linguistics), a level of syntactic representation
  • Logical framework, in automated theorem proving

Other uses in science and technology
  • Missile launch facility, a structure used for launching ballistic missiles
  • filler, used in cement and concrete fabrication
  • character, in typing and computing; also called newline, line break, or end-of-line
  • Load factor (disambiguation)
  • , a type of intermolecular forces
  • , a radio frequency between 30 and 300 kHz

Other uses

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