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Humboldt may refer to:

  • Alexander von Humboldt, German natural scientist, brother of Wilhelm von Humboldt
  • Wilhelm von Humboldt, German linguist, philosopher, and diplomat, brother of Alexander von Humboldt

Fictional characters
  • Humboldt Fleisher, character in novel Humboldt's Gift
  • Wes Humboldt, character played by Mike O'Brien on


  • Humboldt, Argentina, a town in Santa Fe Province, Argentina

  • Humboldt, Queensland, a locality in the Central Highlands Region

  • Humboldt, Saskatchewan
  • Rural Municipality of Humboldt No. 370, Saskatchewan
  • Humboldt (federal electoral district), a former federal electoral district
  • Humboldt (provincial electoral district), a former Saskatchewan provincial electoral district

United States
  • Settled places:
    • Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona
    • Humboldt, Illinois
    • Humboldt, Iowa
    • Humboldt, Kansas
    • Humboldt, Minnesota
    • Humboldt, Nebraska
    • Humboldt, Ohio
    • Humboldt, Portland, Oregon
    • Humboldt, Pennsylvania
    • Humboldt, South Dakota
    • Humboldt, Tennessee
    • In Wisconsin:
      • Humboldt, Wisconsin, town
      • Humboldt (community), Wisconsin, unincorporated community
  • Superordinate governmental units:
    • Counties:
      • Humboldt County, California
      • Humboldt County, Iowa
      • Humboldt County, Nevada
    • Humboldt Township (disambiguation)
  • Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Nevada
  • Humboldt City, Nevada, ruins of mining settlement
  • Humboldt Park, Chicago, a Chicago community area

  • Humboldt station (Saskatchewan), a former railway station in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Humboldt–Hospital station, a Buffalo Metro Rail station in Buffalo, New York, United States
  • Humboldt Street (LIRR station), a Long Island Rail Road station in Brooklyn, New York, United States

  • Guevea de Humboldt, Oaxaca, Mexico

Geographical features

  • In United States:
    • Humboldt Peak (Colorado)
    • Nevada:
      • East Humboldt Range
        • Humboldt Peak (Nevada)
      • West Humboldt Range
  • Humboldt Mountains (Antarctica), Queen Maud Land
  • Humboldt Mountains (New Zealand), Otago

Parks, forests, nature preserves
  • United States:
    • California:
      • Fort Humboldt State Historic Park, in Eureka
      • Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge
      • Humboldt Redwoods State Park
    • Nevada:
      • Humboldt Wildlife Management Area
      • Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest
    • Buffalo, New York:
      • Humboldt Park, now Martin Luther King, Jr. Park
      • Humboldt Parkway, repurposed
    • Humboldt Park (Chicago park)
  • Parque Nacional Alejandro de Humboldt in Cuba
  • Monumento Nacional Alejandro de Humboldt, at Cueva del Guácharo National Park in Venezuela
  • , sinkhole in Venezuela

Water and ice features

Organizations and institutions
  • Latin America:
    • German schools:
      • In Mexico:
        • Colegio Alemán Alexander von Humboldt,
        • Colegio Humboldt, , Mexico
      • Colégio Humboldt, São Paulo, Brazil
      • Colegio Humboldt, , Venezuela
    • Humboldt Shipmanagement, Valparaíso, Chile
    • Universidad Alejandro de Humboldt, Venezuela
    • Colegio Alemán Alexander von Humboldt, Lima, Peru
  • Germany:
    • Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, a German foundation for the promotion of international research cooperation
    • Humboldtschule, Bad Homburg, a German Gymnasium in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Hesse
    • , a museum and information center in Berlin, Germany
    • For 60 years (1949-2009), Humboldt Museum was a popular name referring to the Berlin's Natural History Museum, in Germany
    • Humboldt University of Berlin (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
    • Maschinenbau Anstalt Humboldt, mechanical engineering firm in Cologne-Kalk 1871–1930
  • Canada
  • US:
    • Humboldt State University, California

    • Humboldt High School (disambiguation), several high schools in the United States
  • Alexander von Humboldt German International School Montreal, Canada

Biological groups

  • (Humboldt's big-eared brown bat) ( Histiotus humboldti)
  • (Humboldt's woolly monkey) ( Lagothrix lagotricha)
  • (Humboldt's squirrel monkey) ( Saimiri sciureus cassiquiarensis)
  • ( Spheniscus humboldti)
  • Humboldt's hog-nosed skunk ( Conepatus humboldtii)
  • Golden-backed uakari ( Cacajao melanocephalus)
  • ( Dosidicus gigas)
  • Amazon river dolphin subspecies ( Inia geoffrensis humboldtiana)

  • Anthurium humboldtianum, a species of arum
  • Utricularia humboldtii, a large perennial carnivorous plant
  • Mammillaria humboldtii, a
  • Lilium humboldtii, Humboldt's lily
  • Russula humboldtii, a mushroom species
  • Quercus humboldtii, a South American oak
  • Myrmecophila humboldtii, an orchid species

  • Alexander von Humboldt (ship), a German tall ship
  • USS Humboldt (AVP-21), a United States Navy seaplane tender in commission from 1941 to 1947
  • USCGC Humboldt (WAVP-372), later WHEC-372, a United States Coast Guard cutter in commission from 1949 to 1969
  • Humboldt (steamer), an 1896 wooden steamer on the Alaska route, that also sailed between Los Angeles and San Francisco

In space
  • 4877 Humboldt, asteroid
  • 54 Alexandra, asteroid
  • Humboldt (crater) on the Moon
  • Mare Humboldtianum, lunar mare (sea)

  • El Ávila National Park (Hotel Humboldt), a hotel in Caracas
  • , a sinkhole in Venezuela
  • in Venezuela
  • Monumento Nacional Alejandro de Humboldt, at Cueva del Guácharo National Park in Venezuela

Other uses

See also
  • Humboldt Municipal Airport (disambiguation)

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