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Gordon may refer to:

  • Gordon (given name), a masculine given name, including list of persons and fictional characters
  • Gordon (surname), the surname
  • Gordon (slave), escaped to a Union Army camp during the U.S. Civil War
  • Gordon Heuckeroth (born 1968), Dutch performer and radio and television personality, known professionally by the mononym Gordon

  • Gordon State College, a public college in Barnesville, Georgia
  • Gordon College (Massachusetts), a Christian college in Wenham, Massachusetts
  • Gordon College (Pakistan), a Christian college in Rawalpindi, Pakistan
  • Gordon College (Philippines), a public university in Subic, Zambales
  • Gordon College of Education, a public college in Haifa, Israel


  • Gordon, Australian Capital Territory
  • Gordon, New South Wales
  • Gordon, South Australia
  • Gordon, Victoria
  • , Tasmania
  • Gordon River (Western Australia)

  • Gordon/Barrie Island, municipality in Ontario
  • Gordon River (Chochocouane River), a river in Quebec, Canada

  • Gordon (district), Aberdeenshire, forming a local government district from 1975 to 1996
  • Gordon, Scottish Borders, Berwickshire (now the Scottish Borders council area)
  • Gordon (Scottish Parliament constituency), Scotland
  • Gordon (UK Parliament constituency), Scotland
  • , Moray

United States
  • Gordon, Alabama
  • Gordon, California
  • Gordon, Georgia, in Wilkinson County
  • Gordon County, Georgia
  • Gordon, Illinois
  • Gordon, Kansas
  • Gordon, Kentucky
  • Gordon Township, Minnesota
  • Gordon, Nebraska
  • Gordon Heights, New York
  • Gordon, Ohio
  • Gordon, Pennsylvania
  • Gordon, Texas
  • Gordon, Ashland County, Wisconsin
  • Gordon, Douglas County, Wisconsin
    • Gordon (CDP), Wisconsin, census-designated place in Douglas County

Motor manufacturers
  • Gordon (1903–1904) (Gordon Cycle & Motor Company Ltd), British manufacturer of bicycles and motor cars on Seven Sisters Road, London
  • , Newey, Newey-Aster, Gordon Newey Ltd, G.N.L. (GNL), (1907–1920), British automobile manufacturer from Birmingham
  • Gordon (1912–1916), Gordon Armstrong, British cyclecar produced in Beverley Yorkshire by 'East-Riding Engineering'
  • Gordon England (coachbuilder) 1920s coachbuilding and racing car manufacturer owned by Eric Gordon England
  • Gordon (1954–1958) (Vernon Industries), British three wheeled motorcar built at Bidston, Cheshire
  • (1959), (See Gordon-Keeble)
  • (1960–1961; 1964–1967), British car marque, made first in Slough, then Eastleigh, and finally in Southampton

  • Gordon railway station, Sydney, on the North Shore line
  • Gordon railway station, Victoria, on the Melbourne - Ballarat line

Other uses
  • Gordon (album), first album by the Canadian pop band Barenaked Ladies
  • , Scottish clan
  • Duke of Gordon, Scottish and British title
  • , British light bomber of the 1930s and 1940s
  • , in Scotland
  • Gordon Highlanders, infantry regiment
  • Gordon's Gin, established 1769
  • , stock valuation model by Myron Gordon
  • Gordon (printing press) (1821–1878), common model of open-platten printing press
  • , Sydney rugby union club
  • , in 18th-century Britain
  • Gordon Robinson, character on the long-running children's TV show Sesame Street
  • Gordon Shumway, 'true' name of the protagonist on the TV series ALF
  • Gordon the Big Engine, fictional locomotive from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends series
  • Hurricane Gordon (disambiguation), name of several Atlantic hurricanes

See also
  • , variant of the name Gordon
  • , variant of the name Gordon
  • Gordonia (disambiguation), derivative of Gordon
  • Justice Gordon (disambiguation)

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