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Fraser may refer to:



  • Fraser, Australian Capital Territory, a suburb in the Canberra district of Belconnen
  • Division of Fraser (Australian Capital Territory), a former federal electoral division located in the Australian Capital Territory
  • Division of Fraser (Victoria), a current federal electoral division located in Victoria
  • , along the coast of Queensland

    • , a subplateau of the Interior Plateau, named for the river
    • , a low-lying area, part of the Nechako Plateau, flanking the Fraser River in the Central Interior of British Columbia
    • , the stretch of the Fraser River from the city of Williams Lake south to the town of Hope, British Columbia
    • , the region flanking the lowermost reaches of the Fraser River, from the town of Hope to the sea
    • Fraser Plateau and Basin complex, a World Wildlife Fund-named ecoregion in the Central Interior of British Columbia
  • Fraser, British Columbia, a location on the Klondike Highway
  • Fraser, Edmonton, a neighbourhood
  • Alex Fraser Bridge, between Delta and Richmond, British Columbia
  • , a small mountain range north of Nugent Sound on the Central Coast of British Columbia
  • Fraser Lake, British Columbia, a village in northern British Columbia

  • Fraser's Hill

United States
  • Fraser, Colorado
  • Fraser, Idaho
  • Fraser, Iowa
  • Fraser, Michigan, in Macomb County
  • Fraser Township, Michigan, in Bay County
  • Fraser Township, Minnesota
  • Fraser, New York (disambiguation), various places

  • Fraser (surname)

Other uses
  • , the tree species Abies fraseri
  • (Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research), a digital archive of the economic history of the United States maintained by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

See also
  • , a free-market think tank
  • Fraser and Neave, a Singapore-based business group
  • , an autosomal recessive congenital disorder
  • Bethel School District v. Fraser, a US legal case
  • Frazer (disambiguation)
  • Frasier (disambiguation)
  • Justice Fraser (disambiguation)

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