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Enea AB is a global information technology company with its headquarters in , that provides real-time operating systems and consulting services. Enea, which is an of Engmans Elektronik Aktiebolag, is producing the operating system OSE (Operating System Embedded).

In addition to its line of off the shelf software products, Enea has a global services operation offering end to end development and support for technology products. This includes design, development, testing and maintenance, and off-shoring. Enea has particular expertise in testing and testing training, telecom applications, and safety and certification.

Enea was founded 1968 by Rune Engman as Engmans Elektronik AB. Their first product was an operating system for a defence computer used by the Swedish Air Force. During the 1970s the firm developed compiler technology for the programming language .

During the early days of the European Internet-like connections, Enea employee Björn Eriksen connected Sweden to using , and registered enea as the first Swedish domain in April 1983. The domain was later converted to the internet domain when the network was switched over to TCP and the Swedish top domain .se was created in 1986. Björn Eriksen administered .se Contact information for domain

  • Enea Linux, which provides an open, cross-development tool chain and runtime environment based on the Yocto Project embedded Linux configuration system.
  • the Enea OSE family of realtime operating systems including Enea OSE, Enea OSEck (for DSPs) and Enea OSE Epsilon (for microcontrollers) - all three operating systems share the same modular architecture microkernel architecture making application migration a simple process. Enea OSE Multicore Edition was released in 2009 IP Communications: Enea Launches Enea OSE Multicore Edition and won the VDC Research Group Best of Show Award at the ESC Boston trade show. Embeddie Winners Announced Enea OSE Multicore Edition offers both AMP and SMP processing in a hybrid architecture.
  • Enea MulticoreZone: Enea takes on Multicore with Hypervisor is also based on OSE microkernel technology and runs Enea OSE applications and takes as guests Operating System and optionally semiconductor specific executive environments for bare-metal speed packet processing
  • Enea Optima development tool suite for developing, debugging and profiling embedded systems software MulticoreZone: Enea Optima Tools Tuned for Multicore
  • the family of
relational database systems, consisting of 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Polyhedra in-memory database management system (IMDB), and Polyhedra FlashLite (which holds the data in -based files)

Collaborative Project and Community Memberships
Enea is a member of various collaborative projects and open source communities:

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