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Coney Island is a water park located on the banks of the in , , approximately east of the downtown area in Anderson Township. One of its notable features is its Sunlite Pool attraction, which is the largest recirculating pool in North America.

The park sits adjacent to Riverbend Music Center and Belterra Park. Beginning in 1870, the original owner called the area Parker's Grove, which was later renamed Ohio Grove, The Coney Island of the West after the Ohio Grove Corporation purchased the park in 1886. The name was shortened to Coney Island the following season. Over the years, the park expanded with dozens of rides and attractions, leading to its popularity as an amusement park destination.

Coney Island was sold to Taft Broadcasting in 1969 with intentions to move the park to a new, larger destination away from frequent flooding. The new park opened as in 1972, although Coney Island's Sunlite Pool remained in operation. Smaller flat rides eventually returned, and additional investments and improvements were made to the Sunlite Pool area. These changes, along with the opening of the nearby Riverbend Music Center in 1984, allowed the park's attendance and profitability to recover. In 2019, Coney Island removed amusement rides in an effort to focus its operations exclusively on water park amenities.

Coney Island's founding dates back to 1867 when apple-farmer James Parker purchased approximately of land along the shores of the .
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Parker soon realized the popularity of the farm's location, and that renting it out was more profitable than his apple orchard. He named it Parker's Grove and eventually added a dining hall, dancing hall, and bowling alley. He later sold the land in 1886 for $17,500 to a company called Ohio Grove Corporation headed by two steamboat captains. For the opening on June 21, 1886, the name was officially changed to "Ohio Grove, The Coney Island of the West" in an effort to link the park with the famous . With its riverfront location, the riverboat became the most popular method of transportation for park visitors. In 1887, "Ohio Grove" was completely dropped from the name as the park became known simply as "Coney Island".

The Sunlite Pool was added in 1925. It is an outdoor freshwater pool with surface area, ranking as 12th-largest pool in the world . It remains the largest recirculating pool in North America.

(2022). 9780762741809, Globe Pequot. .

Over the years, Coney Island became a full-fledged amusement park, complete with rides and games. Notable additions included the first and second in 1896 and 1925, respectively, Moonlite Gardens dance pavilion in 1925, the Wildcat and Twister wooden roller coasters in 1926, the Land of Oz children's section in 1934, and the Shooting Star roller coaster (a renovation of the former Clipper roller coaster) in 1947.

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(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
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Coney Island became a Cincinnati institution. It was desegregated after being sued in 1952 by . The park's proximity to the river made it prone to frequent flooding. In 1968, park management entered into talks with Taft Broadcasting for the purpose of developing a new park on higher ground. Taft responded by buying Coney Island outright in 1969, and construction began the following year on a new site located in Deerfield Township of Warren County north of Cincinnati along Interstate 71. Coney Island closed its amusements on September 6, 1971, as most of its rides were moved to the newly completed theme park.

After Kings Island opened in 1972, Taft Broadcasting intended to sell Coney Island's land for redevelopment. However, with the company's decision to open another theme park in Virginia () and its acquisition of on the North Carolina-South Carolina border, the property's redevelopment became a low priority. Less than two years after closing, Coney Island reopened permanently in 1973. The park was only a shadow of its former self but still featured several popular attractions. The Sunlite Pool was one of those attractions that helped Coney Island remain a popular summertime destination.

The park donated of land for the construction of Riverbend Music Center which opened in 1984. The land was the former location of the Wildcat and Shooting Star roller coasters. The Riverbend amphitheater serves as the summer home of the Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestras, as well as a concert venue for other musical acts. In 1991, Coney Island was purchased by Cincinnati businessman Ronald Walker. No longer held back by a corporate entity, management has been able to restore Coney Island as a traditional amusement park with familiar rides such as the "", , carnival games and musical shows.Jacques, Jr., Charles J., Cincinnati's Coney Island: America's Finest Amusement Park, 2002, Amusement Park Journal ()

Coney Island announced plans to remove all amusement rides from the park on September 21, 2019, but continues to operate as a water park featuring the Sunlite Pool and other water-related attractions. The decision was based on attendance, consumer feedback, and rising costs associated with maintaining ride operation.

Current attractions

Sunlite Water Adventure
Cannonball Cove2019A separate pool for diving located near Sunlite Pool that features two diving boards and a diving board.
Challenge Zone2021Large floating obstacle course featuring more than of obstacles.
Cyclone2006A enclosed body slide located near the deep end of Sunlite Pool.
Silver Bullet1945A speed slide that sends its riders splashing into the main area of Sunlite Pool.
Sunlite Pool1925The world's largest recirculating pool.
The Twister2009Named after the Twister wooden roller coaster that operated at the park from 1926 through 1936, Twister is a four-slide attraction that features two body slides and two inner tube slides.

Family attractions
Action Alley2022Giant inflatable obstacle course and inflatable axe throwing.
Cincy Mini-Golf course.
Storybook Paddle Boats ; located on Lake Como.

Former attractions

Batman's Bat Cave(Dark Ride)19661967Re-theme of The Spook. Designed by Arrow Development.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Themed to . Replaced with Haunted House.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Bluebeard's Castle()1927ClosedFunhouse with stunts including a tilted room with the walls, ceiling, and floor at different angles. Facade included two over-sized heads, with one as the entrance and the other as the exit. Attraction was a partnership between Frank Thomas and George Sinclair.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Brain Trust()1930sClosedLocated on the Mall.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Calypso (Calypso)19631965Spinning flat ride imported from Germany. Covered with 5,500 red and white lights.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Replaced by Cloud 9.
CarouselPhiladelphia Toboggan Company (Carousel)19261971Classic carousel with 48 hand-carved wooden horses and two chariots. Originally opened in building that had housed the park's previous carousel before being relocated within the park to a newer building designed by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company in 1932.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Carousel #79 from manufacturer. Originally painted with more than 20,000 sheets of 23-karat (96%) gold and 1,000 sheets of sterling silver. A 68-year-old woman fell from the ride in 1947 and died.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Completely refurbished in 1969 at a cost of $50,000.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Relocated to as Carousel, today known as Grand Carousel. Ride's structure remained in place until it was demolished in 1985.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Caterpillar(Caterpillar)1924ClosedClassic Caterpillar attraction. Installed by J.J. Schmid with a five year lease.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Chase Me(Kiddie Auto)1934ClosedChildren's ride located in the Land of Oz. Included vehicles themed to automobiles, fire engines, and police cars.
Circle SwingHarry Traver and Rudyard S. Uzzell (Circle Swing)1900sClosed - 1944 or laterLarge circle swing originally built on a small island in Lake Como. Identified under various names, including Circle Swing, The Rockets, and Flying Tigers. Originally had six wicker basket ride vehicles which were replaced with small wooden airplanes in the 1920s.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Relocated within park in 1926.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Airplanes replaced with rockets (built in-house) for 1938 season.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Rockets repainted to resemble airplanes for 1942 season.
ClipperPhiladelphia Toboggan Company(Wooden Coaster)19371946A twisted wooden roller coaster designed by Herbert Schmeck. Skyrocket's machinery was saved for use on this ride.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Featured an art deco-style loading station.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Nicknamed Greased Lightning.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Segments of the ride, including its loading station, lift, and final spiral helix, were retained for the construction of Shooting Star.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Cloud 9 (Trabant)1966ClosedTrabant attraction that replaced Calypso.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Coney Island and Lake Como Railroad (Miniature Railway)19641971Miniature railway over Lake Como on a trestle and into the adjoining woods. Included settler and Native American figurines created by Special Effects Company of Morrison, Colorado. Victorian-style station designed by University of Cincinnati graduate Darrel Daniels.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Engines named after Mad Anthony Wayne (#34) and George Rogers Clark (#35). Trains were stored overnight in the ride's two tunnels. $10,000 of new effects added for 1966 season, including a grizzly bear, a fort, and additional Native American figurines. After ride closed, #34 was relocated to World of Golf in Florence, Kentucky and later Oil Ranch in Hockley, Texas. #35 eventually found its way to Guntown Mountain Railroad near Mammoth Cave, Kentucky before being put in storage at Beech Bend Park.
Crazy OrbitHrubetz (Round-Up)1960ClosedA spinning flat ride that tilted riders upward.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Cuddle UpPhiladelphia Toboggan Company (Cuddle Up)19301971A spinning flat ride. Relocated to .
Devil's DipsT.M. Harton Company (Wooden Coaster)1913ClosedOpening delayed until June 22, 1913 due to large flood. Twisted, figure-eight style roller coaster.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Devil's Kitchen()1927ClosedFunhouse. Replaced Noah's Ark but retained the rocking structure design. Visitors entered through 's mouth.
Dip the Dips (1)T.M. Harton Company (Wooden Coaster)19111918Roller coaster built by T.M. Harton. Operated by the Coney Island Dips Co.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Dip the Dips (2)T.M. Harton Company (Wooden Coaster)19181925Roller Coaster built by T.M. Harton that replaced the previous coaster of the same name. Reconstructed with a higher hill and more dips in the early 1920s.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Replaced by Twister.
Dodgem()1920s1971Standard bumper-car attraction. Also referred to as Skooter.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Originally owned by A.H. Light of Cincinnati and located in a dome-shaped structure built by John A. Miller of Miller and Baker. Housed in the same structure as Cuddle Up and The Whip. New cars added in 1967.
(2002). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Relocated to .
Doodle Bug(Children's Ride)UnknownUnknownChildren's ride in the Land of Oz.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Ferris WheelEli Bridge Company ()1925Closed (1937 or later)No. 16 model Ferris Wheel with sixteen carriages.
Figure 8(Wooden Coaster)1900s1918Roller coaster built by T.M. Harton.
Flying American()1888Closed24-foot tall Ferris Wheel with six carriages. Constructed of wood and iron. Operated by Albert Heninchen, who disassembled the ride in the off-season and operated it inside a swim club in the city.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Flying ScooterBisch-Rocco ()19401971A spinning ride with suspended cars that riders could control.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
New cars added to ride in 1960. Relocated to (1972–2004) and later to (2005-Present).
GalaxiS.D.C. (Galaxi)19701971A compact steel roller coaster. Relocated to (1972–1978) as Bavarian Beetle.
Giggler 1908ClosedEnclosed ride with eccentric motion.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Goofy House()<=1932ClosedFunhouse with a castle facade. Replaced Morro Castle. Rethemed into Streets of Paris by Ernest Anderson.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Haunted House(Dark Ride)19681971Dark ride that replaced Bat Cave. Created by Coney and Richard Harsley. Updated in 1969 with new $10,000 sound system and audio.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Haunted Swing, The(Madhouse)1890sClosedAn "illusion" ride where people would enter a small building and get on a swing. The building revolved around the swing, creating the illusion that the guests had inverted.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Hegler Coaster(Wooden Coaster)1880sClosedSmall wooden roller coaster, comparable to those at . Named after park president J.D. Hegler and possibly built under the La Marcus Thompson patents.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Enlarged for the 1888 season.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
HelicopterAllan Herschell19601971Children's ride with miniature helicopters. Helicopters replaced with large kangaroos in 1967. Ride relocated to Kings Island as Kikki Kangaroo.
Hell and Back()1930sClosedDesigned and built by Langdon McCormick. One effect was a room that appeared to be on fire. The facade was given "demonical lighting effects" at night. Located across the Mall from Goofy House.
House of Mysteries()1935ClosedFunhouse.
Indian Mystery()19561956Funhouse with Native American theming. Replaced the Mirror Maze. Replaced by Scrambler.
Jack and Jill(Slide)19291932Spiraling slide that passengers rode down on woven mats. Passengers rode to the top on escalator seats.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Slide removed after many park guests had sustained injuries on it, including George Schott's daughter.
Jolly Caterpillar 1960ClosedChildren's ride with a "bucking" action as the ride traveled in a circle.
Jungle, The()1930sClosed (1938 or earlier)Funhouse located on the Mall. Designed by Ernest Anderson and featured a jungle motif and sounds. Building used for The Coney Dog, Pony, and Monkey Circus in 1939.
Junior Turnpike(Miniature Turnpike)1957ClosedMiniature version of the larger Turnpike, added into the Land of Oz.
Kinder Karousel()1962ClosedCarousel with automobiles and motorcycles. Imported from Germany.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Scenes around outside repainted in 1967.
Laff-in-the-DarkTraver Engineering (Dark Ride)19321960Classic dark ride with small, powered cars from Traver Engineering and a building designed by Philadelphia Toboggan Company. The track included stunts like a skeleton in a coffin, a jumping lion, a dancing girl, and the devil.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Leaping LenaAllan Herschell Company1930Closed62-foot circular ride with 12 small racing cars. "Drivers" could steer their cars to avoid or hit bumps by moving into or away from the center of the ride. The attraction was likely owned by a concessionaire and only remained at the park for one or two season.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Lindy LoopSpillman Manufacturing Company1930ClosedCaterpillar type ride with the tunnel removed, swinging cars, and seats that faced each other.
Little Dipper(Wooden Coaster)19??19??Roller coaster
Log FlumeArrow Development (Log flume)19681971Log flume ride marketed as park's most expensive addition ever at $500,000.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Relocated to as Kings Mill Log Flume. The ride was partially rebuilt for the 2001 season and is now known as Race For Your Life Charlie Brown.
Loop-the-LoopSpillman Engineering Company1930sClosedCaged ride where passengers would swing back-and-forth until they were able to complete a full loop around the structure.
Lost RiverPhiladelphia Toboggan Company (Shoot-the-Chute)19281971Originally known as The Cascades. Shoot-the-chute ride that started with a dark, winding tunnel with illuminated scenes before going up a hill and down a curving drop into a pool of water. Facade included a windmill and large artificial facade. The ride was similar to but larger than the former Mystic Mill Chutes.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Ride renovated and renamed to Lost River in 1941. A new facade was built and the drop was removed, but due to lack of popularity a new, larger drop was added in 1942.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Mirror Maze()19471955Re-theme of The Show Boat. Included new stunts and a screened-in skirt-blower-upper gag.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Replaced by Indian Mystery.
MonsterEyerly Aircraft Company (Monster)19681971Traditional "Octopus" ride that spins in three different circles at the same time. While it quickly raises and lowers riders as their cars continue to spin. Replaced the penny arcade. Relocated to and now known as Monster.
Moon RocketSpillman Engineering Corp.19421946Circular spinning ride. Replaced with Caterpillar.
Morro Castle()1930sClosedFirst of many new funhouses built at Coney Island in the 1930s. Exterior covered with minarets. Replaced by Goofy House.
Mystic Mill Chute(Shoot the Chutes / Old Mill)19221931Combination shoot the chutes and Old Mill ride built by George Sinclair and Frank Thomas. Included a large windmill on top and small wooden boats propelled through tunnels by a large paddle wheel. Featured a roller coaster style ending with a chain lift hill and a drop into water. Ride removed several years after The Cascades was built when it could no longer contend with the newer, larger attraction.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Noah's Ark()19261927Funhouse themed to Biblical story of Noah's Ark. Owned by Charles McDonald. Included large rocking ship with a giraffe, elephant, and looking out its windows.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Replaced by Devil's Kitchen, which re-used the rocking mechanism.
Old '99 (Miniature Train)1969ClosedMiniature train for children.
Olympic Bobs (Olympic Bobs)19681969A style flat ride that accelerated guests around an angled track at high speeds.
Pony Express(Pony Carts)1934ClosedChildren's ride located in the Land of Oz.
Rotor(Rotor)1955ClosedA stick-to-the-walls spinning flat ride. Attained a speed of approximately 25 revolutions per minute.
Rotor (2) (Rotor)19691971A stick-to-the-walls spinning flat ride. Relocated to .
Round-Up(Children's Ride)1934ClosedChildren's ride in the Land of Oz with pigs, goats, and broncos.
Rub-a-Dub-Dub(Children's Ride)1941ClosedChildren's ride located in the Land of Oz.
Serpentine Railway(Miniature Railway)1900sClosedMiniature railway. Signage also referred to it as "Miniature Ry."
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Scenic Railway(Scenic Railway)1898ClosedIncluded a tunnel. Assumed to have replaced the Hegler Coaster.
ScramblerEli Bridge Company (Scrambler)19571959 or laterSpinning flat ride that replaced the Indian Mystery funhouse. A 10-year-old rider was struck by the ride and killed its opening year.
Scrambler (2)Eli Bridge Company (Scrambler)19691971Traditional amusement-park ride manufactured by Eli Bridge Company. Three arms spin riders giving them the sensation of almost hitting the wall. Relocated to .
Shoot the Chutes(Shoot the Chutes)1890s1898Shoot-the-chutes into Lake Como. Built by William Ward Devore and also known as Coasting Launch.
Shoot the Chutes (2)(Shoot the Chutes)18991910Said to cost $10,000. Passengers ascended and descended the hill in the same boat, unlike its predecessor.
Shoot the Chutes (3)(Shoot the Chutes)19111913Rebuild of former Shoot the Chutes; larger than its predecessor.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Destroyed by fire on June 17, 1913.
Shoot the Chutes (4)(Shoot the Chutes)1910s1921Replaced Shoot the Chutes that was destroyed by fire in 1913. Received new, faster sled-bottomed boats for 1916 season.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Removed alongside addition of Mystic Mill Chute in 1922.
Shooting Star(Wooden Coaster)19471971Wooden roller coaster that re-used the station, lift, and final spiral helix of the Clipper. Included nine new hills to connect the ends. The ride was tall, feet long, and reached a maximum speed of approximately .
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Designed by Herbert Schmeck. A 40-year-old woman was ejected from the ride and fell to her death in May 1947 shortly after the ride opened. A large new marquee with 3,500 light bulbs was added in 1963.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
An 18-year-old man fell to his death from the ride in 1966.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Showboat, The()19361946At times referred to as The Show Boat. Funhouse designed by Paul G. Hill and built to resemble a river steamboat. Replaced Sky Rocket.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Included a figure dubbed "Show Boat Sal" and an exposed second level with jets of air which would expose unsuspecting guests in skirts or dresses.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Renovated into Mirror Maze in 1947.
Sky Diver (Sky Diver)19661960sSometimes referred to as Skydiver. Large thrill ride that resembled a Ferris Wheel but inverted passengers. Cost the park $55,000.
Sky Fighters 1954ClosedChildren's ride located in the Land of Oz.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Sky Rocket(Wooden Coaster)19211935 or earlierAt times referred to as Skyrocket or Greyhound. Roller coaster designed by John A Miller. Featured an under-the-track wheel system which locked the cars to the track. Ride included fourteen dips and allegedly cost $40,000. Frank Thomas was in charge of its construction. Ride was rebuilt in mid-1920s with a first drop that took passengers all the way to the ground and a modified back turn. Ride replaced with Show Boat funhouse. Ride's machinery saved for use on Clipper.
Sky Slide(Mat Slide)19691971Giant slide. Relocated to (1972–1995) as Flying Carpet and later Scrappy's Slides.
SkyrideVon Roll (Sky Ride)19651971A cable-car skyride. Built in Berne, Switzerland and shipped in six different freighters. long with three towers, the tallest being high. Included 32 gondola cars. One station was themed as an alpine chalet.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Relocated to (1972–1979). One station remained standing at Coney Island until it was demolished for the addition of Riverbend Music Center in 1984.
Space Ship 1954ClosedChildren's ride located in the Land of Oz.
Spook, TheArrow Development(Dark Ride)19601965Dark ride with collection of comical and scary stunts. Ride vehicles were four-seat cars that resembled old-time automobiles. Ride re-themed into Batman's Bat Cave for 1966 season.
Streets of Paris()1930sClosedFunhouse located on the Mall. A retheme of the former Goofy House by Ernest Anderson. Included scenes themed to sewers and catacombs.
Swan(Children's Old Mill)1934ClosedA children's old mill with swan-shaped boats.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Teddy BearPhiladelphia Toboggan Company(Wooden Coaster)19351971Junior wooden coaster designed by Herbert Schmeck.
Toonerville Trolley 1935ClosedChildren's ride added to the Land of Oz.
Traver Engineering (Tumble Bug19251971A 1920s Harry Traver classic that pulled five linked cars around an undulating circular track, similar to Turtle at . Relocated within park in 1926. Cars and mechanical components relocated to (1972–1985), but original track remained at Coney Island.
TurnpikeStreifthau Manufacturing Company / Arrow Development(Turnpike)19581971Added at a cost of $100,000. Traveled around and over Lake Como and was long. Cars ran between two external rails. Light poles installed every along the track.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Cars from Arrow Development and a center guide rail added in 1966.
TwisterPhiladelphia Toboggan Company (Wooden Coaster)19261936Enclosed wooden roller coaster. Designed by Herbert Paul Schmeck. Serial number 53 or 54. Replaced Dip the Dips. By 1929 parts of the ride's enclosure had been removed.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Water CycleCuster Specialty Company1930sClosedWatercraft in Lake Como that passengers could pedal like a boat.
Water Whirl 1910sClosedRide located in Lake Como.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
WhipW.F. Mangels Company (Whip)Unknown - 1937 or earlier1955Classic Whip attraction. Survived the 1937 flood. Replaced by newer model in 1956.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Whip(Whip)19561971Replaced previous version of attraction.
WhirlpoolWilliam Ward Devore1908ClosedEnclosed ride that included mysterious caves.
Wildcat(Wooden Coaster)19261964Wooden roller coaster designed by Herbert Paul Schmeck. New entrance and cars with headlights added for 1956 season. Removed to make way for the Skyride.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Wild MouseB.A. Schiff & Associates (Wild Mouse)19581969Wild mouse roller coaster with a series of tight turns.
ZoomerCuster Specialty Company Inc.19271931Suspended monorail type ride with six individually powered cars that were connected as a train and navigated a winding track.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
The ride never proved popular and was considered slow and jerky by its riders.

Unknown - Junior WhipWilliam F. Mangels19671971Classic Whip Jr. ride designed by William F. Mangels. Relocated to and now known as Linus' Beetle Bugs.
Unknown - 1902 Roller Coaster(Roller Coaster)1902ClosedTraveled from riverbank through grove and almost to Lake Como. Makers claimed it was the longest and fastest roller coaster that could be built.
Unknown - Children's Carousel(Carousel)1967UnknownMiniature children's carousel.
Unknown - Turtles(Miniature Tumble Bug)19671971Miniature Tumble Bug attraction. Relocated to Kings Island as Squiddly Diddly.
Unknown - HamptonHampton Amusements Corporation19691971Miniature -car ride designed by Hampton Amusement Corporation. Relocated to and now known as PEANUTS Off-Road Rally.
Unknown - Children's Electric Train 1(Electric Train)1932ClosedInstalled behind the new Carousel building as part of child's playground.
Unknown - Children's Electric Train 2(Electric Train)1935ClosedAdded into the Land of Oz.
Unknown - Merry-Go-Round(Carousel)1800sUnknownPark's first ride; a mule-powered merry-go-round with wooden horses suspended from the ceiling.
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Unknown - Merry-Go-RoundT.M. Harton Company (Carousel)19111925Operated by the Coney Island Caroussel & Bldg. Company with figures carved by Daniel Muller. Refurbished in early 1920s. Replaced with Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousel #79 in 1926.

Baby Bumper Boats(Bumper Boats)19892004
Bumper Boats(Bumper Boats)19902013Replaced by Como Cruisers.
(Carousel)19982019Merry Go Round consisting of 30 horses and two chariots.
Como Cruisers 20132018Battery-powered boats. Replaced with swan and dragon styled paddle boats.
Dodgems(Bumper Cars)20002019Oval-shaped bumper cars ride with a center island. A one-way sign is posted, although it is not always followed.
EuroBungy 20102019Bungee Trampoline Attraction; riders are attached to bungee cords and can jump onto a trampoline inside a dome, it is only available on certain days.
Ferris WheelEli Bridge Company (Ferris Wheel)19902019Ferris Wheel; riders ascend 40 feet (12 m) into the air above Lake Como.
Flying Bobs (Matterhorn)19942019Purchased used. Relocated to .
Frog HopperS&S Power (Frog Hopper)20032019Bouncing spring ride with a frog theme.
Giant Slide(Mat Slide)20012019Giant Slide or ; three-lane, approximately 25 feet (7.6 m)-tall Giant Slide.
Helicopters 1994ClosedMiniature helicopters.
Kiddie Circle Freeway 199?2007Carousel-car ride relocated from .
Krazy Kars 1989Closed
(2022). 9780961439286, Amusement Park Journal.
Pipeline Plunge 19942018Pipeline Plunge is a dual enclosed innertube slide. It replaced the Zzip. It was revamped during the 2011 season including new floats in which you lie on your stomach while riding down the flumes. It was removed before the 2019 season began and replaced by Cannonball Cove.
Python 19992019Compact steel roller coaster; relocated from Splash Zone Water Park (1996-1999)
River Runner(Swinging Ship)20082019Pirate Ship (ride); relocated from Wild West World after its closure. Canoe-themed.
Rock-O-PlaneEyerly Aircraft Company (Rock-O-Plane)20072019Originally opened at Americana/Lesourdesville Lake Amusement Park in 1949.
ScramblerEli Bridge Company (Scrambler)19912019Classic spinning flat ride.
Scream MachineMoser (Spring Ride)2005201950 feet (15 m)-tall free fall
Sky Fighters ClosedRelocated from defunct Fantasy Farm park.
Spin-A-Ree 1994Closed
Super Round Up(Round-Up)19932019Spinning flat ride that tilts upwards.
Super SlideDartron Industries (Mat Slide)2001Closed
Spin-A-Ree 19942007
TopSpinSBF Visa Group (Midi Dance Party 360)20152019SBF Visa Group Midi Dance Party 360.
(Tilt-a-Whirl)19922019Standard Tilt-A-Whirl painted green and purple. Relocated from defunct Fantasy Farm park.
TempestGrover Watkins (Tempest)20012019"A tornado-like whirling dervish that cannot be found anywhere else in the state of Ohio." Relocated from Americana/Lesourdesville Lake Amusement Park.
Trabant 19932010Replaced by Wipeout
WipeoutMoser Rides20142019Spinning Lift Ride; opened at Coney Island in 2014, flips riders upside down in circles 20 feet in the air.
Zoom Flume(Waterslide)19772008Zoom Flume, which had wooden supports, was the first of Sunlite Pool's large slides. It was removed at the end of the 2008 season and replaced by The Twister.
Zzip 19841993The Zzip was similar to its successor, the Pipeline Plunge.

Coney Island serves as the location for several festivals, including Summerfair Arts Festival, the "Cincinnati Celtic World Festival", the Appalachian Festival, and the Cincinnati Flower and Farm Fest. Concerts are also held in the Moonlite Gardens area of the park, most notably by Over the Rhine.

Scenes from the old children's TV show The Banana Splits were filmed on location at Coney Island.

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