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vCard Extensions to WebDAV ( CardDAV) is an client/server protocol designed to allow users to access and share contact data on a server.

The CardDAV protocol was developed by the IETF and was published as RFC 6352 in August 2011. CardDAV is based on , which is based on , and it uses for contact data.


The specification has been proposed as a standard by as the RFC 6352 in August 2011 by C. Daboo from Apple Inc.


The following products implement the server-side portion of the CardDAV protocol:
  • , a synchronization service, supporting CardDAV
  • and Google Contacts allow access to user's address book via CardDAV.
  • , an open-source groupware and CRM application
  • Horde Groupware, a complete web-based groupware solution with CalDAV and CardDAV support. Horde Groupware
  • Meishi, a standalone, Ruby on Rails based CardDAV server
  • supports CardDAV protocol since the first version.
  • supports CardDAV protocol since version 2.0.
  • Radicale
  • , a WebDAV framework for PHP, supports CardDAV since version 1.5.
  • supports CardDAV access to its address books.
  • 6 allows access to its address book via CardDAV.
  • SYNOLOGY DSM 6.0 supports CardDAV.
  • is a lightweight CalDAV/CardDAV server.

The following products implement the client-side portion of the CardDAV protocol:
  • Apple Contacts starting from Mac OS X Snow Leopard and higher.
  • Apple iOS, starting from iOS 4.
  • Blackberry devices running QNX - Blackberry 10+ phones, Playbook OS 2.0+ tablets
  • DAVx⁵ (previously called DAVdroid) is an open-source CalDAV/CardDAV sync app for Android (supporting VCard 4)
  • Software Compilation 4.5 will feature CardDAV client support, due in August 2010. It will be available for use by Kaddressbook, which is part of PIM suite. It will be provided by : a PIM server which will also make the data available to other applications.
  • Outlook CalDav Synchronizer
  • , the OS of the phones and tablet (since 2015)
  • Thunderbird, via the SOGo Connector or the CardBook add-on

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