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Boyer () is a French surname., Noms et prénoms de France, Librairie Larousse 1980, édition revue et commentée par Marie-Thérèse Morlet. p. 62a Bouvier. In rarer cases, it can be a corruption or deliberate alteration of other names.

Repartition and etymology
Boyer is a personal name from France, found traditionally along the Mediterranean sea (, ), the Rhône valley, , , Périgord and more generally in the Southwest of France. Nevertheless, it has been existing further north since a long time. There are two variant spellings centered precisely : Boyé (southwest) and Bouyer (, Charente-Maritime).Repartition of the surname Boyer in France according to the number of births (Nb) and the Départements (n°) [1]

It ranks 50th out of the most common surnames in France and 265 in Québec.55th according to after the phone book et 34th according to between 1891 and 1990

Like many other surnames, it used to be a nickname describing somebody's job in that case : "bullock driver", "cowherd", that is to say Bouvier in common French.Dauzat 62aMarie-Thérèse Morlet, Dictionnaire étymologique des noms de famille, Perrin 1997, article Bouvier, p.134 ; It derives mainly from the buòu "ox", with the suffix -iar / -ier, frenchified phonetically or, further north, sometimes from a variant form in dialectal French bô, bou "ox" corresponding to common French bœuf with the suffix -ier. In French, the modern spelling -oyer avoid the confusion between -oi-er and -oier .

In rarer cases, it can be a corruption or deliberate alteration of several other names :

  1. In England, may come from , meaning "bow maker" or "bow seller." -- English variant
  2. In Turkish, the name may come from "boy-er", "boy" meaning "size" or "stature" and "er" meaning "man" or "soldier."
  3. It can also be a corruption or deliberate alteration of several German names like Bayer or Bauer.

People with the surname
  • (1667–1729), French-English lexicographer and journalist
  • Alexis de Boyer (1757–1833), French surgeon
  • Angélique Boyer (born 1988), French-Mexican actress
  • Bill Boyer Jr., entrepreneurial former baggage handler who now owns Mokulele Airlines
  • Carl Benjamin Boyer (1906-1976), historian of mathematics
  • (1899-1978), French-American actor
  • (1938–2013), Canadian politician
  • (1937–2007), American baseball player
  • (born 1966), American discus thrower
  • Elizabeth H. Boyer (born 1952), American fantasy author
  • Elizabeth M. Boyer (1913–2002), American lawyer, feminist founder of Women's Equity Action League (WEAL), and writer
  • (born 1956), American actress
  • Ernest L. Boyer (1928-1995), American educator
  • (1924–2013), American writer
  • (born 1936), biochemist
  • (1907–1998), American architect
  • (born 1955), American cyclist
  • (born 1941), French singer
  • Jean Boyer (director) (1901-1965), French director and author
  • Jean Boyer (politician) (born 1937), French politician
  • Jean-Pierre Boyer (1821–1843), Haitian President and emancipator of slaves in Santo Domingo
  • (1848–1930), a Canadian-American inventor and computer industrialist
  • , American actress
  • (1931–1982), American baseball player
  • Louis Boyer (1901-1999), French astronomer
  • (1901-1983), French singer
  • (born 1984), Canadian professional wrestler
  • (born 1960), American actor and showman
  • (born 1939), Spanish politician
  • (born 1975), American actress and singer-songwriter
  • , anthropologist
  • (born 1945), Canadian politician
  • Paul D. Boyer (1918-2018), American biochemist
  • (born 1949), English footballer
  • Pierre François Xavier Boyer (1772–1851), French general of the Napoleonic Wars and Algerian invasion
  • Richard Boyer (disambiguation)
  • Robert Stephen Boyer, a professor of computer science, mathematics, and philosophy at The University of Texas at Austin
  • Robert Hamilton Boyer, a 33-year-old visiting professor shot and killed in Charles Whitman's shooting spree at The University of Texas at Austin in 1966, known for the Boyer–Lindquist coordinates
  • Robert Boyer (artist) (1948-2004), a Canadian artist of aboriginal heritage
  • (1947-2018), American musician
  • (born 1979), American actor

See also
  • Bauer (disambiguation)


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