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The Basic Latin or C0 Controls and Basic Latin is the first block of the standard, and the only block which is encoded in one byte in UTF-8. The block contains all the letters and control codes of the ASCII encoding. It ranges from U+0000 to U+007F, contains 128 characters and includes the C0 controls, ASCII and , , both the and of the and a control character.

The Basic Latin block was included in its present form from version 1.0.0 of the Unicode Standard, without addition or alteration of the character repertoire.

(1990). 9780201567885, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc..

Table of characters
C0 controls
U+0000 NUL
U+0001 Start of HeadingSOH
U+0002 Start of TextSTX
U+0003 End-of-text characterETX
U+0004 End-of-transmission characterEOT
U+0005 Enquiry characterENQ
U+0006 Acknowledge characterACK
U+0007 BEL
U+0008 BS
U+0009 HT
U+000A LF
U+000B VT
U+000C FF
U+000D CR
U+000E Shift OutSO
U+000F Shift InSI
U+0010 Data Link EscapeDLE
U+0011 Device Control 1DC1
U+0012 Device Control 2DC2
U+0013 Device Control 3DC3
U+0014 Device Control 4DC4
U+0015 Negative-acknowledge characterNAK
U+0016 Synchronous IdleSYN
U+0017 End of Transmission BlockETB
U+0018 CAN
U+0019 End of MediumEM
U+001A Substitute characterSUB
U+001B ESC
U+001C File SeparatorFS
U+001D Group SeparatorGS
U+001E Record SeparatorRS
U+001F Unit SeparatorUS
ASCII punctuation and symbols
U+0020 SpaceSP
U+0028(Left parenthesis
U+0029)Right parenthesis
U+002F/Solidus or Slash
ASCII digits
U+00300Digit Zero
U+00311Digit One
U+00322Digit Two
U+00333Digit Three
U+00344Digit Four
U+00355Digit Five
U+00366Digit Six
U+00377Digit Seven
U+00388Digit Eight
U+00399Digit Nine
ASCII punctuation and symbols
U+003E>Greater-than sign
Uppercase Latin alphabet
U+0041ALatin Capital letter A
U+0042BLatin Capital letter B
U+0043CLatin Capital letter C
U+0044DLatin Capital letter D
U+0045ELatin Capital letter E
U+0046FLatin Capital letter F
U+0047GLatin Capital letter G
U+0048HLatin Capital letter H
U+0049ILatin Capital letter I
U+004AJLatin Capital letter J
U+004BKLatin Capital letter K
U+004CLLatin Capital letter L
U+004DMLatin Capital letter M
U+004ENLatin Capital letter N
U+004FOLatin Capital letter O
U+0050PLatin Capital letter P
U+0051QLatin Capital letter Q
U+0052RLatin Capital letter R
U+0053SLatin Capital letter S
U+0054TLatin Capital letter T
U+0055ULatin Capital letter U
U+0056VLatin Capital letter V
U+0057WLatin Capital letter W
U+0058XLatin Capital letter X
U+0059YLatin Capital letter Y
U+005AZLatin Capital letter Z
ASCII punctuation and symbols
U+005B[Left Square Bracket
U+005D]Right Square Bracket
U+005E^Circumflex accent
Lowercase Latin alphabet
U+0061aLatin Small Letter A
U+0062bLatin Small Letter B
U+0063cLatin Small Letter C
U+0064dLatin Small Letter D
U+0065eLatin Small Letter E
U+0066fLatin Small Letter F
U+0067gLatin Small Letter G
U+0068hLatin Small Letter H
U+0069iLatin Small Letter I
U+006AjLatin Small Letter J
U+006BkLatin Small Letter K
U+006ClLatin Small Letter L
U+006DmLatin Small Letter M
U+006EnLatin Small Letter N
U+006FoLatin Small Letter O
U+0070pLatin Small Letter P
U+0071qLatin Small Letter Q
U+0072rLatin Small Letter R
U+0073sLatin Small Letter S
U+0074tLatin Small Letter T
U+0075uLatin Small Letter U
U+0076vLatin Small Letter V
U+0077wLatin Small Letter W
U+0078xLatin Small Letter X
U+0079yLatin Small Letter Y
U+007AzLatin Small Letter Z
ASCII punctuation and symbols
U+007B{Left Curly Bracket
U+007D}Right Curly Bracket
Control character
U+007F DEL
The letter U+005C (\) may show up as a Yen(¥) or Won(₩) sign in Japanese/Korean fonts mistaking Unicode (especially UTF-8) as a legacy character set which replaced the backslash with these signs. Sorting it all Out : When is a backslash not a backslash?

The C0 Controls and Basic Latin block contains six subheadings.

C0 controls
The C0 Controls, referred to as C0 ASCII control codes in version 1.0, are inherited from ASCII and other 7-bit and 8-bit encoding schemes. The Alias names for C0 controls are taken from the standard.

ASCII punctuation and symbols
This subheading refers to standard punctuation characters, simple mathematical operators, and symbols like the dollar sign, percent, ampersand, underscore, and pipe.

ASCII digits
The ASCII Digits subheading contains the standard European number characters 1–9 and 0.

Uppercase Latin alphabet
The Uppercase Latin alphabet subheading contains the standard 26-letter unaccented Latin alphabet in the .

Lowercase Latin alphabet
The Lowercase Latin Alphabet subheading contains the standard 26-letter unaccented Latin alphabet in the .

Control character
The Control Character subheading contains the "Delete" character.

Number of symbols, letters and control codes
The table below shows the number of letters, symbols and control codes in each of the subheadings in the C0 Controls and Basic Latin block.
U+0000 to U+001F
U+0020 to U+002F,U+003A to U+0040,U+005B to U+0060 and U+007B to U+007E
U+0030 to U+0039
U+0041 to U+005A
U+0061 to U+007A

Compact table

Several of the characters are defined to render as a standardized variant if followed by variant indicators.

A variant is defined for a zero with a short diagonal stroke: U+0030 DIGIT ZERO, U+FE00 VS1 (0︀).

Twelve characters (#, *, and the digits) can be followed by U+FE0E VS15 or U+FE0F VS16 to create variants. They're base characters, for example #️⃣ (U+0023 NUMBER SIGN U+FE0F VS16 U+20E3 COMBINING ENCLOSING KEYCAP). The VS15 version is "text presentation" while the VS16 version is "emoji-style".

Emoji variation sequences

The following Unicode-related documents record the purpose and process of defining specific characters in the Basic Latin block:

(to be determined)

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