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Basic text formatting
You can ''emphasize text'' by putting two apostrophes on each side. Three apostrophes
will emphasize it '''strongly'''. 

A single newline
has no effect
on the layout.

<strike>Strike out</strike> or
<u>underline</u> text, or write it
<span style="font-variant:small-caps">
in small caps</span>. 

== Section headings ==

Headings organize your writing into sections. The Wiki software can automatically generate
a table of contents from them.

=== Subsection ===

Using more equals signs creates a subsection.

==== A smaller subsection ====

Don't skip levels, like from two to four equals signs.
Start with two equals signs; don't use single equals signs.
* ''Unordered lists'' are easy to do:
** Start every line with a star.
*** More stars indicate a deeper level.
*A newline
*in a list  
marks the end of the list.
*Of course you can start again.

# Numbered lists are also good:
## Very organized
## Easy to follow
A newline marks the end of the list.
#New numbering starts with 1.

You can make horizontal dividing line to separate text.
<hr />


You will often want to make clickable links to other pages.

Here's a link to a page named [[Official position]]. You can even say [[official position]]s
and the link will show up right.

You can put formatting around a link.
Example: ''[[Wikipedia]]''.

The ''first letter'' will automatically be capitalized,
so [[wikipedia]] is the same as [[Wikipedia]].
Capitalization matters after the first letter.

[[The weather in London]] is a page that doesn't exist yet. You can create it by clicking on the link.

You can link to a page section by its title:

*[[List of cities by country#Morocco]].
*[[List of cities by country#Sealand]].

If multiple sections have the same title, add a number. [[#Example section 3]] goes to the
third section named "Example section".

You can make a link point to a different place with a [[Help:Piped link|piped link]]. Put the link
target first, then the pipe character "|", then the link text.

*[[Help:Link|About Links]]
*[[List of cities by country#Morocco|Cities in Morocco]]

You can make an external link just by typing a URL:

You can give it a title:
[ Nupedia]

Or leave the title blank:

You can [[Help:Redirect|redirect]] the user to another page with
a special link. For example, you might want to
redirect [[w:USA|USA]] to [[w:United States|United States]].

#REDIRECT [[United States]]

Images, tables, video and sounds
A picture, including alternate text:

[[Image:Wikiquote-logo-en.png|The logo for this Wiki]]

You can put the image in a frame with a caption:
[[Image:Wikiquote-logo-en.png|frame|The logo for this Wiki]]

Or a link directly to the image itself:

Use '''File:''' links to link to sounds or videos: [[media:Sg_mrob.ogg|A sound file]]

can be used to show information that is stored internally in the site.

You add them by putting the template's name in {{double braces}}.


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