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UPC 999992682809
REGISTERED: 06/20/18
UPDATED: 05/24/19
Netgear ProSafe Plus Switch, 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet (GS108E)

  • Netgear available on November 18 2014 from Amazon for $61.52
  • UPC bar code 999992682809 ξ1 registered November 18 2014
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by Netgear
  • GS108E

  • Product size is 6.22"x1.06"x4.13"
  • Product weight is 1.15 lbs.
  • Use as a Plug-and-Play switch or use the configuration utility for simple setup * Support network monitoring, traffic prioritization and virtual network groups * Green Ethernet for reduced power consumption More Capabilities beyond Plug-and-play Connectivity with the NetGear GS108E New Prosafe Plus 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch. Today's growing businesses are both placing more demands on and relying more on their network. Companies are putting more applications and demands on their Ethernet Infrastructure. Using VoIP phones and IP cameras require more than simple plug-and-play connectivity. Additionally, Internet-based applications such as Hotmail and Google Calendaring have made keeping the network up a business-critical need. However, companies do not necessarily have more money or advanced training to deal with complex managed switches. NetGear GS108E New Prosafe Plus 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switches meet this growing need by providing easy to use visibility and limited confi guration capabilities. To provide more insight into the network behavior, ProSafe Plus Switches offer traffic monitoring for users to observe traffic behavior. Additionally, if there are connectivity issues, thes

    ^ Netgear, Netgear. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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The Netgear GS108E is a "smart" gigabit switch for people that just want a plug-and-play experience: Power it up, plug in devices to be networked together and boom. Done.Add the $15 rebate and the total cost is about $55.If you need to configure the GS108E beyond it's basic functions, you need to install an included Windows management app...So Linux only networks need not apply.The Netgear GS108T looks exactly the same, but is a "managed" gigabit switch with it's own web management console served up on it's..
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I have 3 computers, 2 iPhones, 1 iPad and 1 Ooma internet phone in the house. Whenever the kids watch YouTube or Netflix streaming, I would have a hard time using my Ooma Internet phone. After installing this router, I was able to manage port priority and gave the Ooma phone the highest priority on packet transmission. The sound quality on Ooma immediately improved. Nonetheless, It is still not as good as a land line, probably due to poor infrastructure on the Ooma side.
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