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Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Cable

UPC 981525100119
REGISTERED: 07/03/18
UPDATED: 08/20/19
Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Cable
Rank: 33%
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Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Cable

  • Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Cable available on May 18 2018 from Amazon for 19.99
  • UPC bar code 981525100119 ξ1 registered March 04 2016
  • Product category is Software Xbox
  • Manufacturered by Microsoft
  • T3F-00011

  • Product color is 360(r)

  • Product weight is 0.31 lbs.
Moves content from any Xbox 360 or hard drive to your new Xbox 360 S or Xbox 360 hard drive Easily transfer HD movies, music, saved games, player profiles, and even full games installed on your hard drive Use the cable over and over if you choose to get a new console or hard drive again in the future Easily transfer all your data from the original Xbox 360 hard drive to the next. Compatible with Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 S consoles, the Hard Drive Transfer Cable allows you to keep your saved data and game on.

    ^ (2014). Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Cable, Microsoft. Amazon. (revised May 2018)

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This item is a fake! Do not purchase this item! It will not work!
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   Per Microsoft Service Tech Dept I was told none of these will work anymore unless they come directly from Microsoft!!! The new transfer cable will also have a DVD to alow it to work.The new Update from 360 live renders them and all memory devices that are not from their sales people worthless (Everything previous Dec 2009).I did not believe this so i tried to copy all my saved games on my Memory Max 2gig card over to my new MW2-360box and found - no go. It tries to read it but..
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     I am a huge Gears of War fan. I also use my xbox a lot. So when my girlfriend decided she wanted an xbox, I took the opportunity to upgrade mine so she could inherit my 250gb s model. I picked up the 320gb Gears model. It was a little confusing at first trying to figure what cable I would need to perform a slim to slim data migration. The good people at microsoft support told me what I needed and the AWESOME people on amazon's forums confirmed that this..
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