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Game Theory

ISBN 9789814725408
REGISTERED: 09/07/18
UPDATED: 07/16/19
Game Theory

Game theory is a branch of modern applied mathematics that aims to analyse various problems of conflict between parties that have opposed similar or simply different interests.Games are grouped into several classes according to some important features

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In Game Theory (2nd Edition), Petrosyan and Zenkevich consider zero-sum two-person games, strategic N-person games in normal form, cooperative games, games in extensive form with complete and incomplete information, differential pursuit games and differential cooperative, and non-cooperative N-person games. The 2nd edition updates heavily from the 1st edition published in 1996.Contents:Matrix GamesInfinite Zero-Sum Two-Person GamesNonzero-Sum GamesCooperative GamesPositional GamesN-Person Differential GamesZero-Sum Differential GamesReadership: Students in management science and mathematical economics.Game Theory;Cooperative Differential Games;Decision Theory;Mathematical Economics

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