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Hydrogen-bonded Capsules: Molecular Behavior In Small Spaces

ISBN 9789814678377
REGISTERED: 03/17/18
UPDATED: 07/16/19
Hydrogen-bonded Capsules: Molecular Behavior In Small Spaces

This monograph describes the behavior of molecules confined to small spaces

  • Hydrogen-bonded Capsules: Molecular Behavior In Small Spaces available on April 26 2016 from VitalSource for Https://" itemprop="offers" target="_external" title="" itemscope itemtype="">78.0
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The small spaces are created by the self-assembly of modules into hollow capsular structures through hydrogen bonding; capsules assembled by metal/ligand binding or other forces are not included. Topics discussed include how assembly of capsules occurs, how molecules get in and out of the capsules, new spatial arrangements (stereochemistry) created in the capsules, and the altered shapes, interactions and reactivities of molecules held inside the small spaces. The descriptions emphasize molecular recognition phenomena and the perspective is that of physical organic chemistry.The book is the first monograph to treat reversible molecular encapsulation. More than 20 university and institute groups worldwide engage in this research, which represents the leading edge of activity in molecular recognition and the physical organic chemistry of confined molecules.Contents:Spherical CapsulesCalixarene CapsulesCylindrical CapsulesResorcinarene and Pyrogallolarene CapsulesStereochemistryChiral CapsulesExpanded and Contracted CapsulesReactions in CapsulesReadership: Graduate students and researchers in physical organic chemistry, nanotechnology and nanoscience and materials science.Key Features:The last monograph to deal with molecules inside molecules was published in 1994. Hydrogen bonded capsules have been invented since that time and this monograph summarizes the results of more than 100 publications in this fieldMolecules in small spaces behave differently than those that are free in solution; this monograph reveals these new behaviors and draws parallels to the related behavior of small molecules confined in enzymes and biological receptorsThe monograph provides recipes for construction of molecular devices at the sub-nano scale. The principles of self-assembly are involved and offer applications in nanoscience using an approach "from the bottom up"

    ^ Hydrogen-bonded Capsules: Molecular Behavior In Small Spaces VitalSource. (revised Apr 2016)

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