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Rotation And Momentum Transport In Magnetized Plasmas

ISBN 9789814644846
REGISTERED: 12/03/17
UPDATED: 12/11/19
Rotation And Momentum Transport In Magnetized Plasmas

This book compiles the contributions from various international experts on magnetized plasma physics, both in controlled fusion and in astrophysics, and on atmospheric science

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Most recent results are presented along with new ideas. The various facets of rotation and momentum transport in complex systems are discussed, including atmospheric-ocean turbulence, the constraints, and the concept of potential vorticity. The close interplay between flows and magnetohydrodynamics dynamo action, instabilities, turbulence and structure dynamics are the main focus of the book, in the context of astrophysics and magnetic fusion devices like Tokamak, and Reversed Field Pinch. Both physicists and advanced students interested in the field will find the topics as interesting as researchers from other fields who are looking to broaden their perspectives.Contents: The Atmospheric Wave–Turbulence Jigsaw (Michael E McIntyre)A Review of the Possible Role of Constraints in MHD Turbulence (Annick Pouquet)Dynamics of Structures in Configuration Space and Phase Space: A Tutorial (P H Diamond, Y Kosuga and M Lesur)Fast Dynamos (D W Hughes)The Effect of Flow on Ideal Magnetohydrodynamic Balooning Instabilities (H R Wilson, P B Buxton and J W Connor)Color FiguresElements of Neoclassical Theory and Plasma Rotation in a Tokamak (A Smolyakov)The General Fishbone Like Dispersion Relation (Fulvio Zonca)What is a Reversed Field Pinch? (D F Escande)Graduate students and researchers working in astrophysics and controlled fusion in magnetized plasmas.

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