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Global China

ISBN 9789814596749
REGISTERED: 12/09/17
UPDATED: 05/16/21
Global China: Internal And External Reaches

After two decades since the disintegration of Soviet Union in 1991, the largest and the most populist socialist state — the People's Republic of China — does not only manage to stay intact, but has also emerged as the second largest economy in the world

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Moreover, its political, diplomatic, military and cultural reaches have been extended to various parts of the world. There have been many factual and fictional discussions and debates in the public domains, on China's apparent rise either as a threat or an opportunity. This book will take on these discussions and debates to provide theory-informed empirical studies regarding a few research questions: How does the People's Republic of China manage to rise and achieve global reaches? How can we effectively conceptualize China's global reaches? What internal and external strategic and security measures have Chinese state adopted in order to maintain such vast and far-reaching constellations of domestic-external nexuses? We consider that the idea and concept of “Global China” is perhaps the most viable analytical instrument to capture such increasingly complex phenomena in association with the rise of China.Contents: Globalization: China's Challenges (Joseph Y S Cheng) Urbanization: Earning Money but Losing Ethnic Identity? (Yuen Fun So) Changing Faces of Chinese Labor Regimes: Case Studies in Beijing and Shenzhen (Ting Wang and Chris King-Chi Chan) Power and Surveillance in Everyday Life (Flora Sapio) Globalization and the Development of Civil Society in China (Joseph Y S Cheng) New Citizens in Urban China: From Exclusion to Inclusion (Xiaoqing Tang and Raymond K H Chan) Re-Inventing Confucianism: Return, Contradictions, and Possibilities (Anne Cheng) Resisting Global China: Local Resistance to China's Resource-Led Diplomacy in the Philippines and Beyond (Pak Nung Wong, Kathlene Aquino, Kristinne Lara de Leon and Yuen Fun So) China in Myanmar: Naypyidaw's New Great Game (Ricky Yue) China's Maritime Power Play in Indian Ocean since 1962: India's Assessment and Response (Commodore Seshadri Vasan) Dragon in the Tear Drop: Regional Dynamics of Growing Chinese Influence in Sri Lanka (S I Keethaponcalan) China in Africa: A Reflection on the Reconfiguration and Cross-Continental Implications of its Power and Political Economy (Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo) Conclusion: Whither 'Global China'? (Pak Nung Wong)Academics, professionals, undergraduate and graduate students interested in China's politics, China's governance, China's internal and external strategies, and security measures.Key Features:First book on the idea of “Global China”In-depth analyses of African and Asian states b

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