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Computational Wave Dynamics

ISBN 9789814449724
REGISTERED: 11/30/17
UPDATED: 04/20/21
Computational Wave Dynamics

This book provides a comprehensive description of the latest theory-supported numerical technologies, as well as scientific and engineering applications for water surface waves

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Its contents are crafted to cater to a step-by-step learning of computational wave dynamics and ocean wave modeling. It provides a comprehensive description from underlying theories of free-surface flows, to practical computational applications for coastal and ocean engineering on the basis of computational fluid dynamics (CFD).The text may be used as a textbook for advanced undergraduate students and graduate students to understand the theoretical background of wave computations, and the recent progress of computational techniques for free-surface and interfacial flows, such as Volume of Fluid (VOF), Constrained Interpolation Profile (CIP), Lagrangian Particle (SPH, MPS), Distinct Element (DEM) and Euler-Lagrange Hybrid Methods.It is also suitable for researchers and engineers who wish to apply CFD techniques to ocean modeling and practical coastal problems involving sediment transport, wave-structure interaction and surf zone flows.Request Inspection CopyContents:Governing Equations (H Gotoh and A Okayasu)Turbulence Model (N Mori, Y Watanabe, T Suzuki and A Okayasu)Fundamental Computational Methods (Y Watanabe and N Mori)VOF Method (K Kawasaki)CIP Method (Y Watanabe)Particle Method (H Gotoh)Distinct Element Method (E Harada and H Gotoh)Euler–Lagrange Hybrid Method (H Mutsuda)Computational Wave Dynamics for Coastal and Ocean Research (Y Watanabe, N Mori, H Gotoh and A Okayasu)Readership: Students (advanced undergraduate and above) of Coastal and Ocean Engineering, and Professionals.

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