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Index Transforms

ISBN 9789812831064
REGISTERED: 12/22/17
UPDATED: 02/23/20
Index Transforms

This book deals with the theory and some applications of integral transforms that involve integration with respect to an index or parameter of a special function of hypergeometric type as the kernel (index transforms)

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The basic index transforms are considered, such as the Kontorovich-Lebedev transform, the Mehler-Fock transform, the Olevskii Transform and the Lebedev-Skalskaya transforms. The Lp theory of index transforms is discussed, and new index transforms and convolution constructions are demonstrated. For the first time, the essentially multidimensional Kontorovich-Lebedev transform is announced. General index transform formulae are obtained. The connection between the multidimensional index kernels and G and H functions of several variables is presented. The book is self-contained, and includes a list of symbols with definitions, author and subject indices, and an up-to-date bibliography.This work will be of interest to researchers and graudate students in the mathematical and physical sciences whose work involves integral transforms and special functions.

    ^ Index Transforms by Semyon B. Yakubovich (1996, E-book) (revised Dec 2017)
    ^ Index Transforms VitalSource. (revised Aug 2018)

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