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Discourses of Master Shenhui (Chinese Edition)

ISBN 9787101012972
REGISTERED: 05/19/18
UPDATED: 01/25/21
Discourses of Master Shenhui (Chinese Edition)

Discourses of Master Shenhui (Chinese Edition)

  • Discourses of Master Shenhui (Chinese Edition) available on May 15 2018 from Amazon for 8.99
  • ISBN bar code 9787101012972 ξ1 registered May 15 2018
  • Product category is Book
  • Manufacturered by Zhonghua Book Company

  • Product weight is 2.82 lbs.
The discourses of Master Shenhui mainly include the discourses and speeches to advocate the Chan of South Dun sect of Buddhism, therefore, it is named as the Discourse of Master Shenhui. The book is composed of three parts, that is, the original text which includes the new annotation of Guo Bobens temple discourse, South Zen Ding Shi Fei Lun, revised questions-and-answers of Master Nanyang with comments ahead of the text to introduce the master copy, reference material and revision example, etc.; the annex which extracts the materials about the biography and Chan of master Shenhui in the Biographies of the Buddhism Masters in Song dynasty and the Transmission of the Lamp for reference; the third which includes two research papers of the author for the reference of readers and advice and suggestions.

    ^ Discourses of Master Shenhui (Chinese Edition), Zhonghua Book Company. Amazon. (revised May 2018)

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