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Noun Phrase In The Generative Perspective

ISBN 9783110207491
REGISTERED: 10/06/17
UPDATED: 10/22/18
Noun Phrase In The Generative Perspective

Surveying noun phrases and their syntax, the book offers a theoretically oriented, comparative study in which they examine basic aspects of noun projection

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The discussion includes the following topics: The DP hypothesis, the status of D in languages without determiners, demonstratives, the role of classifiers, the morphosyntactic features/projections of nouns, head and phrasal movement in the noun phrase, adjectival modification, possessors, argument structure of nouns, the partitive construction and the N-of-an-N construction. Key features Features basic knowledge for Students of Syntax State-of-the-Art description of one of the most debated topics in Theoretical Linguistics Famous authors

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