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La Malcontenta: 1924-1939
tumult And Order

Tumult and Order: Malcontenta 1924-1939 Publisher: Prestel Pub Publish Date: 10/25/2012 Language: ENGLISH Pages: 247 Weight: 2.19 ISBN-13: 9783037782972 Dewey: 720

  • Tumult And Order: Malcontenta 1924-1939 available on December 01 2016 from NeweggBusiness for Https://" itemprop="offers" target="_external" title="" itemscope itemtype="">52.66
  • La Malcontenta: 1924-1939tumult And Order available on August 15 2015 from Indigo for 50.0
  • ISBN bar code 9783037782972 ξ1 registered December 01 2016
  • ISBN bar code 9783037782972 ξ2 registered August 15 2015
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It was an era of inspiring encounters between aristocrats, the avant-garde, snobs, and intellectuals that ended when Italy entered World War II. Antonio Foscari recounts this lively period in the building''s history and talks about its then owner, Albert Clinton Landsberger, and his friends Catherine di Rochegude, Baronesse von Erlanger, and Paul Rodocanachi, who not only lovingly renovated the villa, but made it such a lively place for the first time. The text is complemented by numerous photographs dating from this exciting time that convey an impression of what was happening in the villa in those days. Antonio Foscari is an architect and has been a professor of architecture at the University of Venice since 1971. In 1973, he restored the Villa Malcontenta, built for his ancestors by Andrea Palladio, and has concentrated his research on buildings by the great Renaissance architect since that date.

    ^ Tumult And Order: Malcontenta 1924-1939, Prestel Pub. NeweggBusiness. (revised Dec 2016)
    ^ La Malcontenta: 1924-1939
    tumult And Order
    Indigo. (revised Aug 2015)

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