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The Sony Slt-a77: The Unofficial Quintessential Guide

This book provides enthusiastic photographers with a wealth of information about the unique features of the Sony SLT-A77, an interchangeable-lens camera with an electronic viewfinder and a fixed, translucent mirror

  • The Sony Slt-a77 available on September 10 2018 from VitalSource for Https://" itemprop="offers" target="_external" title="" itemscope itemtype="">27.99
  • The Sony Slt-a77: The Unofficial Quintessential Guide available on March 07 2017 from Indigo for 45.5
  • ISBN bar code 9781937538019 ξ1 registered February 11 2016
  • ISBN bar code 9781937538019 ξ2 registered February 11 2016
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The A77 differs from the current crop of DSLRs in its ability to use a phase detection focusing system throughout the entire picture-taking process, for both still photographs and videos. This provides an immediacy and responsiveness when using burst shots and creating HD videos that is unavailable in any other camera. In this guide, authors Carol Roullard and Brian Matsumoto teach you how to obtain exceptional photographs and videos as they cover everything from the basics of using the camera's automatic modes, to the more advanced aperture-priority, shutter-priority, program, and manual exposure modes. You'll also learn how best to take advantage of features such as the built-in dynamic range adjustment, sweep panoramic, GPS, colorization modes, facial detection and recognition, multiple shot exposures, and HD video. The authors provide you with an opportunity to improve your skills even further by discussing how third-party software and accessories can improve Sony's standard commands. You'll also learn about how the electronic viewfinder, fixed mirror, and Sony's novel shutter design improve the camera's utility for scientific photography through the microscope and telescope.Additional topics include:Advantages of the electronic viewfinder for previewing your photographsUsing the accessory Sony shoe-mount flashAdvantages of using the JPEG file formatAdvantage of having a fixed mirror and electronic first curtain shutterSettings for using the camera on a microscope and telescopeUsing the older Minolta Maxxum lenses

    ^ The Sony Slt-a77 VitalSource. (revised Sep 2018)
    ^ The Sony Slt-a77: The Unofficial Quintessential Guide Indigo. (revised Mar 2017)

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