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Rhinestone Country

ISBN 9781936003037
REGISTERED: 03/28/18
UPDATED: 01/21/21
Rhinestone Country

Rhinestone Country is a provocative but tender portrait of Country Music, show biz, stardom, and closeted lives south of the Mason-Dixon line

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Sweeping across the racial and sexual landscapes of the Deep South between 1930 and 1978, it takes a hard look at closeted lives and the destructive aspects of fame. Loaded with truly memorable characters, it's delectable, stimulating, sexy, and tantalizing. Rosacoke Carson, the leading, long-suffering heroine of Rhinestone Country, gives new meaning to the phrase, 'Stand by your Man.' The portrayal of the time she spends in prison should be standard reading for absolutely everyone. --Nochetta. This is a brash, sensational, and explosive novel about stardom--the glitter, the glamour, the hot sex, and the desolate loneliness. --Leather and G-Scene. Many men love their sons. Pete Riddle, known to his fans as the sexiest musician alive, loved his more than most. --Inferno. This is a daring and dazzling work about trauma, deception, and pain, all of it with a Southern accent. It's the True Grit of show-biz novels. --Peter Tompkins.

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