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Brownie Points: Seven Steps to Success for Woman Entrepreneurs from One Who Made It

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Brownie Points

  • Brownie Points available on August 29 2015 from Buy for 8.85
  • Brownie Points: Seven Steps to Success for Woman Entrepreneurs from One Who Made It available on November 21 2014 from Amazon for 3.58
  • ISBN bar code 9781932841268 ξ1 registered August 29 2015
  • ISBN bar code 9781932841268 ξ2 registered November 21 2014
  • Product category is Book
  • Manufacturered by Agate B2

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Aundrea Lacy tells the story of how she founded her business, Luv Brownies and grew it into a success. Along the way she offers up the kind of brass-tacks lessons of use to any entrepreneur, but especially women, who face unique challenges in starting their own companies. Lacy explains how she not only weathered major business challenges, but also overcame enormous personal difficulties on the path to success. Now with her business celebrating its tenth anniversary, she s created a powerful resource for others, full of concrete, hands-on advice to help focus effort, solve problems, meet challenges, and make the most of opportunities. Lacys hard-won experience and positive yet practical perspective offer invaluable wisdom to anyone wishing to start a company of their own.

    ^ Brownie Points Buy. (revised Aug 2015)
    ^ Brownie Points: Seven Steps to Success for Woman Entrepreneurs from One Who Made It, Agate B2. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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A wonderful book for women (and men) entrepreneurs who have dreams of being their own boss and want to read about a woman's story of turning her dream into reality. Quite a fun read! Much of what is said in this book is material I cover during my face-to-face sessions as a volunteer SCORE counselor.If you are lucky enough to get a copy of this book, then you will learn about the importance of the following if you want to be self-employed and your own boss:1. The need to get organized.2. The need to get your..
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BROWNIE POINTS: SEVEN STEPS TO SUCCESS FOR WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS FROM ONE WHO MADE IT tells the story of a woman who founded her business - in making brownies sold through the Internet. Her background in marketing and as a model and TV reporter contributed to her business success and here she uses its tenth successful anniversary to explore the foundations of starting a business, serving as an inspiration for women of color and making BROWNIE POINTS a top pick for any general lending library catering to women..
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