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Steampunk: The Art Of Victorian Futurism

ISBN 9781907621031
REGISTERED: 11/29/19
UPDATED: 08/15/20
Steampunk: The Art Of Victorian Futurism
Steampunk is a resurgent art, cult, and lowbrow movement celebrating the romantic elegance of the Victorian era and blending in modern scientific advances—synthesizing imaginative technologies such as steam-driven robots, analog supercomputers, and ultramodern dirigibles. Celebrating the elegant and the strange, the visually arresting steampunk works collected here include sculpture, installations, graphics, bizarre oils, and mind-warping contraptions—from skull cameras to rocket-fueled diving bells

  • Steampunk: The Art Of Victorian Futurism available on October 22 2016 from Indigo for 38.95
  • ISBN bar code 9781907621031 ξ1 registered October 22 2016
  • Product category is Book

  • # 978190762103

Featured artists include Tom Banwell, Wayne Martin Belger, Greg Brotherton, Frank Buchwald, Chris Conte, Doktor A., Eric Freitas, Dr. Grordbort, Stéphane Halleux, Mike Libby, Pierre Matter, Kevin Mowrer, Kazuhiko Nakamura, James Ng, Sam Van Olffen, Nozomu Shibata, Haru Suekichi, Brian Poor, and Daniel Proulx.

    ^ Steampunk: The Art Of Victorian Futurism Indigo. (revised Oct 2016)

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