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Starbucks Corner

ISBN 9781894650786
REGISTERED: 01/23/18
UPDATED: 07/09/20
Starbucks Corner

Patrons making the pilgrimage for a morning fix of coffee are similar to the employees in every aspect, except for me, Jason P

  • Starbucks Corner available on May 21 2015 from Indigo for 12.53
  • ISBN bar code 9781894650786 ξ1 registered May 21 2015
  • Product category is Book

  • # 978189465078

Talbot, and I am just visiting.Today the manager, Fred Aston, a rotund, humourless man with a pale indoor complexion, unlocks the glass door precisely on time, as is his habit, not one second early or one second late. I hate that. With a cursory glance over a shoulder, I notice one other guy behind. He makes a subtle shift forward attempting to cut in front, but I quickly block the move and somehow manage to squeeze my skinny six-foot frame through the narrow gap while Fred attempts to fling the door open to the masses, the two of us.Good morning, grunts Aston, backing quickly out of the way.Good morning, our two voices echo while scrambling toward the counter and winning a checkered flag.May I help you? asks the clerk readying a pencil for the order.Caffé latte grande with skim, I smirk victoriously at the other customer a step behind who pretends not to notice. I wonder if it would look too ridiculous high-fiving the attendant in celebration of the triumph. Deciding to forgo the field goal antics this early in the morning, I tap a toe waiting impatiently for the order.It's not what you think Doctor, she started, scarcely able to speak, while I was making my routine rounds on the patients, I walked into the long term care ward, and Jason P. Talbot sat up in bed and grinned at me. He asked me if he could have a cup of coffee. Tonight he asks for a Starbucks café latte grande with skim. Does Colorado Springs even have a Starbucks?Yes, the first Starbucks was built just around the corner eight years ago. In fact, you are able to see it from Mr. Talbot's window and, if the wind is just right, you can smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. interjected a grinning student nurse standing near by.Quotes:What a day in the life of characters as seen through the memory of a single person.Captured my attention from beginning to end, and the end justified the complete story, I was not disanointed.

    ^ Starbucks Corner Indigo. (revised May 2015)

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