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Smart Textile Coatings And Laminates

ISBN 9781845693794
REGISTERED: 02/09/18
UPDATED: 11/14/19
Smart Textile Coatings And Laminates

Smart coatings can produce coatings that offer above and beyond the normal functions of a coating, these range from improving the performance of fabrics, producing new forms of materials to providing decoration

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This book reviews a variety of topics about textile coatings and laminates and aims to provide a stimulus for developing new and improved textile products.The first part of the book introduces the fundamentals of textile coatings and laminates, addressing general areas such as coating and laminating processes and techniques, as well as base fabrics and their interaction in coated fabrics. Part two discusses different types of smart and intelligent coatings and laminates for textiles. Topics include microencapsulation technology, conductive coatings, breathable coatings and phase change materials and their application in textiles.With its highly distinguished editor and array of international contributors, Smart textile coatings and laminates is a valuable reference book for chemists, textile technologists, fibre scientists, textile engineers and all those wishing to improve and understand the developments in textile coating and laminating technology. It will also be suitable for researchers in industry or academia.Reviews a number of issues surrounding textile coatings and laminatesDiscusses the fundamentals of textile coatings and laminates addressing processes and techniquesExamines types of smart and intelligent coatings and laminates for textiles, including microencapsulation technology, conductive and breathable coatings

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