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No Angel (ebook)

ISBN 9781844276035
REGISTERED: 11/25/19
UPDATED: 08/03/20
No Angel (ebook)

By Kathy Lee PRINTISBN: 9781844272419 E-TEXT ISBN: 9781844276035 Edition: 0

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Oh, sure, the two separate lives are easy to lead on their own - to play the part of a model young person at church is simple, answering all the questions and knowing the words to the latest worship number. It's even easier to be a normal person when no adults are watching. Who cares if some lipstick goes missing from a shop or some money isn't returned to its owner? But when the two lives start getting mixed up, Charlie and her friends have to decide who they actually are...Charlie and her friends go to church, but they don't let that stop them living the life they want to for the rest of the week. Charlie is no angel even though she's a model young person when at church. Under the effects of peer pressure, she and her friends start down a path which could have much more serious consequences than they can imagine... This great fictional story for 11 to 14s from Kathy Lee explores what it means to be a Christian and how it affects your whole life, not just on a Sunday.

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