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The Guards Brigade In The Crimea

ISBN 9781783403387
REGISTERED: 12/09/17
UPDATED: 06/23/21
The Guards Brigade In The Crimea

The Guards Brigade consisted of three battalions, the 3rd Grenadier Guards, 1st Coldstream Guards and 1st Scottish Fusilier Guards (as the Scots Guards were then known).The book opens with a resumé of the causes of the War and an analysis of the woeful disorganization of the Army, in contrast to the efficiency of the Royal Navy

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The Brigade’s performance in the major battles (Alma, inkerman etc.) is examined. The author describes the Russians’ plans, the ground and conditions experienced by the long suffering troops. The roles and abilities of the various commanders, often found wanting, is fascinatingly treated. After the war was over, the return home and parades are described.

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