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Writing In Psychoanalysis

ISBN 9781780499321
REGISTERED: 11/13/17
UPDATED: 10/19/21
Writing In Psychoanalysis

Writing in Psychoanalysis is the first volume in the projected Monograph Series, Psychoanalytic Issues, the Rivista di Psicoanalisi (the Journal of the Italian Psychoanalytic Society) is undertaking in conjunction with Karnac Books

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The series constitutes a major effort to bring about a dialogue among psychoanalysts who while ultimately bound together by a common psychoanalytic heritage nonetheless are separated in their thinking by different idioms, whether linguistic or theoretical. While featuring writers of very different idioms, this series will also present a venue to make some important Italian voices known to English speaking analystsA beautiful and thoughtful collection of essays on writing, reading and learning, it grows out of a colloquium. The results are wondrous and impact on the reader at many different levels. In the act of writing, we all discover something about what we know previously unknown to us, and we learn more about our inner world than we knew before we set pen to paper (or hand to computer). Patrick Mahony goes as far as to argue that Freud's self-analysis was essentially a "writing cure".

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