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Falcon Brigade: Combat And Command In Somali And Haiti

ISBN 9781626373464
REGISTERED: 11/25/19
UPDATED: 08/06/20
Falcon Brigade: Combat And Command In Somali And Haiti

Col. Lawrence E. Casper (U.S. Army-Ret.) narrates the first documented account by a military officer of the harrowing US operations in Somalia and Haiti. As commander of the Falcon Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, and the UN Quick Reaction Force (QRF), Casper experienced Operation Continue Hope first-hand. Falcon Brigade and Special Operations aviators shared the skies over Mogadishu on October 3, 1993, providing cover as the Quick Reaction Force fought block by block to reach the stranded troops and remove them to safety. Casper's candid account of Operation Continue Hope, and the brigade's continuing involvement in Somalia until the U.S. withdrawal from the war-torn region some five months later, showcases the leadership skills and courage necessary for troop survival under beleaguered circumstances. Just six months after their return from Somalia, Casper and Falcon Brigade were on the flight deck of the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower, preparing to air-assault 10th Mountain Division Lightfighters onto the shores of Haiti during Operation Uphold Democracy. Casper brings to life the frustrations and challenges the brigade soldiers experienced as they worked around the clock for thirty days, and he captures the untiring cooperation between soldiers and sailors as they joined together to ensure the success of the operation. His account concludes with the brigade's subsequent four-month involvement in Haiti.

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