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Ethnic Considerations In Facial Plastic Surgery

ISBN 9781626230231
REGISTERED: 12/09/18
UPDATED: 12/08/19
Ethnic Considerations In Facial Plastic Surgery

Written by leading plastic surgeons from five different continentsacross the globe, this facial plastic surgery reference gives readersthe tools they need to successfully perform surgical and non-surgicalprocedures on patients of various ethnicities

  • Ethnic Considerations In Facial Plastic Surgery available on October 26 2015 from Indigo for 277.95
  • ISBN bar code 9781626230231 ξ1 registered October 26 2015
  • Product category is Book

  • # 978162623023

It includes sections onfacial plastic surgery procedures performed on Latin, African, Asian,and Mediterranean/Middle Eastern patients, along with a final sectionon special topics such as fat grafting for mixed race patients andkeloid treatments for dark skinned patients.Key Features:Online access to more than 20 videos in which the authors performfacial plastic surgery procedures described in the bookMore than 700 full-color illustrations clarify procedurespresented in the textCovers all the major plastic and facial plastic surgeryprocedures performed on patients from different ethnic groupsThe contributors to this textbook are experts from various regions ofthe world. The wealth of information provided reflects the needs ofpatients from diverse ethnic backgrounds and their unique concepts ofbeauty. Each contributor offers readers expert advice on how toapproach different ethnic groups and what procedures best meet theneeds of each group.

    ^ Ethnic Considerations In Facial Plastic Surgery Indigo. (revised Oct 2015)

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