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Stamps & Doodles For Girls

ISBN 9781607104568
REGISTERED: 12/03/17
UPDATED: 12/12/19
Rank: 8%
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Stamp and doodle till you drop! Stamps & Doodles for Girls provides hours of artistic fun. What could be more fun than making your mark? Young girls can put their own stamp on things - whether it''s their own outfits, their own dream bedrooms and houses, or even their own celebrity magazines! With ''Stamps & Doodles for Girls'', they''ll have an outlet for every one of their inspirations

  • Stamps & Doodles For Girls available on February 14 2015 from Indigo for 18.95
    • ISBN bar code 9781607104568 ξ1 registered February 14 2015
    • Product category is Book

    • # 978160710456

      What awesome ideas will they come up with as they stamp and doodle a magical unicorn island? What enchanted tales will they tell as they decorate the crowns of a king and queen? The ''Stamps & Doodles for Girls'' kit includes an activity book, 8 foam stamps, and an ink pad, giving girls all the tools they need to make their drawing dreams come true.   Stamp out boredom with ''Stamps & Doodles for Girls''!

      ^ Stamps & Doodles For Girls Indigo. (revised Feb 2015)

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