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Read On-- Speculative Fiction for Teens: Reading Lists for Every Taste

ISBN 9781598846539
REGISTERED: 10/06/17
UPDATED: 05/20/18
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2009, Delacorte Press, ISBN: 9780385737944, 384p. Sixteen-year-old Thomas wakes up with no memory in the middle of a maze. There are other teens in the maze, too, and no one remembers how they got there. In hopes of escape, they ...

  • ISBN bar code 9781598846539 ξ1 registered September 18 2015
  • Product category is Book

Interest in teen fiction has grown in popularity in the last decade, especially within the fantasy and paranormal genres. This timely guide is one of the few books on the subject that lists titles that are written specifically for teens. "Read On...Speculative Fiction for Teens" features popular, contemporary themes ranging from vampire love and ghost stories to epic fantasy and out-of-this-world science fiction. Each of the five chapters caters to a specific area of interest--story, character, setting, mood, and language--and within the chapter, numerous lists of novels are organized by topic, with the best titles highlighted. Each of the more than 350 listed titles includes bibliographic information and a brief, punchy description.

    ^ (2015). Read On-- Speculative Fiction for Teens: Reading Lists for Every Taste (revised Oct 2015)

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