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The Prince Of Tennis, Vol. 2

ISBN 9781591164364
REGISTERED: 11/19/17
UPDATED: 10/18/19
The Prince Of Tennis, Vol. 2
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Ryoma Echizen just joined the Seishun Gakuen Middle School tennis team, which is known for being one of the most competitive teams in Japan

  • The Prince Of Tennis, Vol. 2 available on April 01 2016 from Indigo for 10.95
  • ISBN bar code 9781591164364 ξ1 registered April 01 2016
  • Product category is Book

  • # 978159116436

Its members are incredibly talented, gifted, and athletic. With rigorous and extremely intense practices, the upperclassmen of the team expect the very best from themselves and they expect even more from the new members of the team. While most of the first years are on pins and needles hoping they won''t get cut from the team, Ryoma Echizen is confident, cool, and collected. Some might even say he''s cocky, but at least he''s got the skills to back up his attitude. With his virtually unreturnable twist serve, Ryoma is sure to make the starting team.

    ^ The Prince Of Tennis, Vol. 2 Indigo. (revised Apr 2016)

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