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The Book of Miso (Savory Soy Seasoning)

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From the authors of THE BOOK OF TOFU comes this updated tribute to miso

  • The Book Of Miso available on August 22 2016 from Indigo for 24.95
  • The Book of Miso (Savory Soy Seasoning) available on February 02 2015 from Amazon for $99.00
  • ISBN bar code 9781580083362 ξ3 registered September 27 2016
  • ISBN bar code 9781580083362 ξ5 registered August 22 2016
  • ISBN bar code 9781580083362 ξ4 registered February 02 2015
  • ISBN bar code 9781580083362 ξ1 registered June 07 2012
  • ISBN bar code 9781580083362 ξ2 registered April 20 2012
  • Product category is Book
  • Manufacturered by Ten Speed Press

  • # 978158008336
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One of Japan''¬?s most beloved foods for over a thousand years, miso is a cultured, high-protein seasoning perfectly at home in recipes within and beyond the boundaries of Asian cuisine. Available in a range of flavors, colors, textures, and aromas as varied as that of the world''¬?s fine cheeses and wines, miso makes a delicious addition to stocks, stews, dressings, casseroles, and desserts. With traditional Japanese recipes like Miso Soup with Potato, Wakame, & Tofu; Eggplant with Sesame & Miso Sauce; as well as those more familiar to the Western palate-Tostadas, Quiche Ni?ßoise with Miso, and Boston Baked Soybeans with Brown Rice and Miso-THE BOOK OF MISO offers a bounty of ways to enjoy this wonderfully healthful seasoning.‚Ä¢ Over 400 tempting recipes accompanied by more than 300 illustrations.

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As a full-time athlete and conscious eater, this book was my savior. This is not only the bible on miso as the key to a healthy vegetarian diet, but also the bible on great living and world consciousness through your food choices. Miso matches meat in protein yet has almost no fat. This book allows the reader to make excellent, economical and tasty choices on how to include miso in one's daily diet. I have been very happy with my discovery of this book a few years ago. Since then I have felt strong..
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This book is a real classic (mine is soup-stained from years of use.)
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