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The Handy Biology Answer Book

ISBN 9781578593033
REGISTERED: 04/22/18
UPDATED: 10/20/20
The Handy Biology Answer Book
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Life itself and today's hottest science are examined in The Handy Biology Answer Book

  • The Handy Biology Answer Book available on February 27 2017 from VitalSource for Https://" itemprop="offers" target="_external" title="" itemscope itemtype="">12.99
  • ISBN bar code 9781578593033 ξ1 registered February 27 2017
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From the newsworthy (What are stem cells? What is genetically modified food and why is it so controversial?) to the practical (Does antibiotic soap really help reduce infection? How does caffeine affect cells? How many kinds of mushrooms are edible?) and the curious (What is the most dangerous poison produced by a plant?), Handy Biology answers 1,600 questions about human, animal, and plant biology. You’ll find answers to such intriguing questions as: What is cell cloning? What is DNA and RNA? When and how did cells first evolve? Can two blue-eyed people have a brown-eyed child? How serious a disease is influenza? Do overweight children have a greater risk of being overweight adults? What is an atom? Why are some fats “good”? and others “bad”? Why do humans need cholesterol? How do birds know to fly south in winter? Can the environment determine the sex of an animal? When was the first microscope developed?

    ^ The Handy Biology Answer Book VitalSource. (revised Feb 2017)

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