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Food Microbiology: An Introduction

ISBN 9781555817206
REGISTERED: 09/18/18
UPDATED: 09/18/18
Food Microbiology: An Introduction
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This textbook presenents authoritative coverage in a format designed to facilitate teaching and learning.• Encourages students to venture beyond memorization and think critically to gain a broader conceptual understanding of food microbiology and acquire the understanding and skills necessary to ensure the safety of tomorrow's food supply

  • Food Microbiology: An Introduction available on August 11 2018 from VitalSource for Https://" itemprop="offers" target="_external" title="" itemscope itemtype="">41.95
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• Introduces the genetics and molecular mechanisms important for the understanding of foodborne microbes.• Includes expert perspectives on parasites, viruses and prions, and non-thermal processes. • Incorporates instructors' input to further clarify complex topics in the field of food microbiology. • Presents explicit learning goals to focus students on the core principles of food microbiology. 2012. 570 pages, full-color illustrations“This text is an absolutely perfect accompaniment to an undergraduate food microbiology class: accurate text provided in the appropriate level of detail, interspersed with relevant examples and food safety vignettes.”- Lee-Ann Jaykus, North Carolina State UniversityCONTENTS:PrefaceAbout the Authors I. Basics of Food Microbiology1 The Trajectory of Food Microbiology2 Microbial Growth, Survival, and Death in Foods3 Spores and Their Significance4 Detection and Enumeration of Microbes in Food5 Rapid and Automated Microbial Methods6 Indicator Microorganisms and Microbiological Criteria II. Foodborne Pathogenic Bacteria7 Regulatory Issues8 Bacillus cereus9 Campylobacter Species10 Clostridium botulinum11 Clostridium perfringens12 Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli13 Listeria monocytogenes14 Salmonella Species15 Shigella Species16 Staphylococcus aureus17 Vibrio Species18 Yersinia enterocolitica III. Other Microbes Important in Food19 Lactic Acid Bacteria and Their Fermentation Products20 Yeast-Based and Other Fermentations21 Spoilage Organisms22 Molds23 Parasites24 Viruses and Prions IV. Control of Microorganisms in Food25 Chemical Antimicrobials26 Biologically Based Preservation and Probiotic Bacteria27 Physical Methods of Food Preservation28 Nonthermal Processing29 Sanitation and Related PracticesCritical Thinking SkillsUseful WebsitesGlossaryAnswers to Crossword PuzzlesAnswers to Questions for Critical ThoughtIndex

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