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What Are Metamorphic Rocks?

ISBN 9781508100089
REGISTERED: 11/14/18
UPDATED: 10/24/20
What Are Metamorphic Rocks?

This fact-filled resource explains metamorphic rocks––the different ways in which they are formed and how they can change into different metamorphic rocks through contact metamorphism and shock metamorphism, for example

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Plate tectonics is described, as is the formation of mountains. Gneiss, slate, fulgurite, quartzite, marble, schist, and hornfels are investigated as well as their practical uses. Readers learn about foliated and nonfoliated metamorphic rocks and how to identify them through crystal structure, color, hardness, and streak tests. This enlightening volume also includes Vocabulary, Think About It, and Compare and Contrast sidebars to highlight information and further inform young readers.

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