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The Chemistry And Bacteriology Of Public Health (ebook)

ISBN 9781483195537
REGISTERED: 05/04/20
UPDATED: 10/29/20
The Chemistry And Bacteriology Of Public Health (ebook)

By C. L. Dunn PRINTISBN: 9781483168050 E-TEXT ISBN: 9781483195537 Edition: 0

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This book reviews the alkalimetry, acidimetry, standard solutions, normal solutions, and the preparation of solutions in public health laboratories, including methods of estimating equivalent weights of substances. In collecting water samples for analysis, the investigator should avoid all sources of extraneous contamination. The Wanklyn's process analyzes organic matter in the water: different tests give quantitative estimates of water contamination or bacterial purity. The authors point that the process of analyzing sewage and sewage effluents are the same as in water analysis except that sewage is diluted with distilled water. The authors also explain how air and water are analyzed, soil analysis being a complex process. The authors discuss milk analysis (fresh, boiled, skimmed, powdered, condensed), butter, cheese, food grains. Microscopic examination of bacteria from samples taken are examined alive, in film preparations, or in sections. The book describes in detail the different types of bacteria, their occurrence, and how these are examined or cultured. This book is intended as a laboratory handbook for students taking up the examination in Public Health. The book can also prove beneficial for social worker, public health officials, and for undergraduate medical students.

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