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Powder Metallurgy Of Superalloys

ISBN 9781483192444
REGISTERED: 09/18/18
UPDATED: 01/20/19
Powder Metallurgy Of Superalloys

Powder Metallurgy of Superalloys details the advancement of powder metallurgy in the context of producing superalloys

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The book is comprised of nine chapters that cover the underlying principles of superalloys produced through powder metallurgy. The text first covers concerns in pre-alloyed dispersion-free powders, such as powder production and characterization; powder consolidation methods; and quality control and non-destructive evaluation of P/M superalloys. The next chapter talks about oxide-dispersion-strengthened superalloys. Next, the book discusses joining techniques for P/M superalloys and the practical applications of P/M superalloys. The title will be of great use to professionals in the materials manufacturing industry.

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