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Organic Synthesis

ISBN 9781483156170
REGISTERED: 12/22/17
UPDATED: 02/25/21
Organic Synthesis

Organic Synthesis is a collection of papers dealing with synthetic tools, the effect of pressure on the electronic states of organic solids, and some novel approaches to alkylations

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Some papers explain the cyclopropanation of silyl enol ethers and the two-phase reactions in the chemistry of carbanions and halocarbenes as useful tools in organic synthesis. One paper investigates the "biogenetic-type" synthesis of the bicyclic penicillin-cephalosporin antibiotics from an acyclic tripeptide equivalent. Another paper explains the advantages of the two-phase system to generate trihalomethylanions and dihalocarbenes as it allows the investigator to carry out all the reactions typical for these species easily. The system also readily applies to the reactions of some carbanions with aromatic nitrocompounds. Thallium(III) nitrate (TTN) can be used as an oxidant in organic synthesis; reactions that follow it use include the oxidations and oxidative rearrangements of olefins, acetylenes, ketones and compounds containing carbon-nitrogen double bonds. Another paper presents some examples that use singlet oxygen in synthetic organic chemistry. This collection is useful for researchers, technicians, and scientists whose works involve organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and other related fields of chemistry, such as physical chemistry and inorganic chemistry.

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