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Feed Energy Sources For Livestock

ISBN 9781483100272
REGISTERED: 01/14/18
UPDATED: 11/24/20
Feed Energy Sources For Livestock

Feed Energy Sources for Livestock focuses on the compositions of animal feeds

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The book first looks at the background of world grain supplies from 1972 to 1974 and 1975 onwards. The text discusses alternatives to conventional cereals. Fats in ruminants, pigs, and poultry diets; chemically treated straw; and less conventional raw materials are described. The book also looks at molasses and its by-products, processing of cereals, and the effects of an alkali technique on the nutritive value of straws. The text discusses as well the laboratory methods used in evaluating the energy value of feedstuffs. Neutral detergent fiber; in vitro rumen digestibility; Tilley and Terry in vitro rumen method; in vitro true digestibility; and modified acid detergent fiber are considered. The book then focuses on the sources, availability, and use of additional phosphorous for ruminants; selenium and Vitamin E in poultry rations; and the use of rapeseed meal in pig and poultry rations. The selection is a valuable source of information for readers wanting to study the contents of animal feeds.

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