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Polymer Processing And Characterization

ISBN 9781466558274
REGISTERED: 11/04/17
UPDATED: 12/03/20
Polymer Processing And Characterization

This book deals with the polymers, different methods of synthesis, and synthesis of composites, as well as the different techniques used for polymer characterization

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Most of the world’s industries extract the anomalous properties of polymers to make excellent cost-effective materials. Because of this, the types of polymers, their processing, and the analysis of their various properties are very significant. Readers will gain a thorough knowledge about the processing of different types of polymers and composites made from them, as well as their various applications. Suitable for classroom use but especially important for researchers, this book addresses:Adhesion of amorphous polymers with vitrified bulk and surface glass transitionFunctionalized biopolymers and their applicationsA new synthesis of p-Cresol-Adipamide-Formaldehyde copolymer resin and its applications as an ion-changerCorrelating performance of commercial viscosity modifiers for formulating shear stable industrial lubricantsSynthesis of phthalonitrile polymers in ionic liquid and microwave mediaStudies on nanocomposite polymer electrolytes doped with Ca3(PO4)2 for lithium batteries

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