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Karate Training

ISBN 9781462904006
REGISTERED: 10/02/18
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Karate Training
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This martial arts guide could actually be considered two books in one: a thorough history of Japanese karate–do and a profusely illustrated instruction manual for students of the martial art who have advanced beyond the beginning stages.Part One:Concerned about the misinterpretation of Japanese culture in general and karate in particular by many Western practitioners of karate, the author sets out in Part One of his book to trace the history of karate from its probable origins in India (or perhaps Greece) and its transmission in successively more developed forms to China, Okinawa, and then Japan.In Part Two:In this practical martial arts training manual the author first demonstrates important points of etiquette to be used in the karate dojo

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He follows with well–illustrated instructions of kumite (sparring drills), including those involving two practitioners and those such as the doubleline drill and the circle drill which give practice in facing a number of opponents. Descriptions of many of these are not readily found in other English–language publications. He then presents nine kata, introductory the advanced kata, Sochin and Nijushiho.

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