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Corporate And White Collar Crime

ISBN 9781454859864
REGISTERED: 02/04/18
UPDATED: 04/09/20
Corporate And White Collar Crime

In the fifth edition of Corporate and White Collar Crime: Cases and Materials, well-known author Kathleen Brickey, continues to provide systematic and comprehensive consideration of major white collar crime statutes in the federal criminal code, securities laws, and environmental statutes

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Its focus on major white collar crime statutes distinguishes this book from its competitors and provides timely and topical coverage of current substantive law issues. Highlights of this new edition of the casebook, which has been classroom tested through four previous editions, include: The distinguished authorship and experience of Kathleen Brickey, who is the author of a three-volume treatise on white collar crime, a new text on environmental crime, and numerous articles in the field, and has served as a consultant to the U.S. Sentencing Commission. Clear and concise expository introductions throughout each chapter that provide illuminating contexts for the cases that follow. Well-edited and adroitly selected good teaching cases that are followed by provocative notes and questions to stimulate lively classroom discussion. Well-written problems that enrich understanding of the cases and challenge students to apply substantive law principles to hypotheticals that test the outer bounds of the principal cases. New developments in the Fifth Edition include: Skilling v. United States, which severely limits the honest services theory of mail fraud. Liability issues arising from the BP Oil Spill and its potential collateral consequences. Department of Justice corporate charging policies, the Stein decisions, and the Specter bill. Boyle v. United States, the Supreme Court's latest interpretation of the RICO enterprise requirement. Evolving interpretations of the causation requirements for civil RICO actions, including the Supreme Court's decision in Anza v. Ideal Steel. Recent developments in post-Booker Guidelines sentencing, including the Supreme Court's decision in Gall v. United States. The stellar scholarship and experience of the author and the unique substantive focus of this casebook make it undeniably the best choice for teaching white collar crime.

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