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Peace and Conflict Studies

ISBN 9781452202952
REGISTERED: 01/14/18
UPDATED: 12/01/20
Peace and Conflict Studies

By what Hammarskj 61d called “preventive diplomacy,” UN peacekeepers help patrol and maintain otherwise shaky cease-fires. At minimum, this prevents further bloodshed; at maximum, it gains time and helps create conditions under which...

  • ISBN bar code 9781452202952 ξ1 registered September 23 2015
  • Product category is Book

This thoroughly revised Third Edition of Peace and Conflict Studies, by David P. Barash and Charles P. Webel, sets the gold standard as an accessible introduction and comprehensive exploration of this vital subject. The authors share their vast knowledge and analysis of 21st-century world events—including new coverage on timely topics such as the scope and history of peace and conflict studies, the nature of violence and nonviolence, cutting-edge military technologies, the rise of the "BRIC" countries, and the US and Global Peace Indexes. With an encyclopedic scope, this introductory book chronicles a plethora of important global topics from pre-history to the present.

    ^ (2013). Peace and Conflict Studies (revised Mar 2016)

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