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The Sensitive: Spiritual Love Is Eternal

ISBN 9781450294614
REGISTERED: 05/01/20
UPDATED: 10/31/20
The Sensitive: Spiritual Love Is Eternal

Spiritual Love is Eternal and fate has chosen the Sensitive to share this love with all of humanity and to share a world destiny and vision with all the people of the earth. The Sensitive is a story based on a man who is caught up in a major scheme of is also a story that takes you out of this world and into the realms of the mystical, magical, and into the eternal domain of the soul. The Sensitive is a love story, about a man and a woman who have loved each other throughout the ages of human history...two lovers reborn to find each other once again here upon the a part of a World Event. He is chosen by fate to enter the world of mystical power, to observe a Great Occurrence that will happen in a higher dimension than that which we live in

  • The Sensitive: Spiritual Love Is Eternal available on September 09 2015 from Indigo for 14.5
  • ISBN bar code 9781450294614 ξ1 registered September 09 2015
  • Product category is Book

  • # 978145029461

She is the most important part of that fate, as she is the one who must guide him through his preordained future. He is taught to go into his past and to leave his body, and to travel through other times and dimensions with only his energy body. These abilities that he learns are tracked by modern technology that allows others to see and hear all the sounds and visuals, which he experiences in his inter-dimensional travels. She, already of great intuition and vision, is the strength and the love he will need to become the Eyes of the World when the great event takes place...

    ^ The Sensitive: Spiritual Love Is Eternal Indigo. (revised Sep 2015)

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